Braids or Big Chop? That is the Question.

Thursday May 30, 2013

Ever since I made the decision to go natural I wanted to just cut out all the relaxer and go from there. I did a big chop before I made the decision but I still have a small amount of relaxer left in my hair…..and it’s irritating the crap out of me! I want to cut it out so I can truly feel like I’m starting this transitioning journey from scratch.

I see and hear about all these wonderful ideas and processes that others have gone through with wonderful results and I want to try them all! I’m just that excited. Just yesterday I had my mind made up on getting braids and I commenced to searching for a new hair braider, and I even asked my FB friends for recommendations. The thing with braids is they are an investment, and with that investment I have a few requirements:

1. If I’m going to spend $200+ on braids the person doing them better be very good at what she does and fast! By good I mean her work is neat and precise. No sloppiness, no inconsistency with the braiding, and I better not have braids falling out after a one week!

2. The hair braider must be professional and the shop or home they work out of must be clean.

I don’t think that’s asking too much, do you? Today I changed my mind on the braids and decided that the big chop is the way to go. With some big hoop earrings and my face done up I could rock it! At least that’s what I’ve convinced myself of. 😉 I think what the big chop signifies for me is a total release of my former creamy crack addiction. I need a clean break from the chemicals, and the only way I’d get that is by cutting out the rest of the relaxer. So the plan is to go to my husband’s barber this weekend and have him take care of that for me and shape me up. Only then will I be chemical free with nothing standing between me and my beautiful, natural, kinky hair.


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