The Big “Little” Chop it is!

photoCA0WZ05N photoCA32UIVK

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

There was a lot of back and forth and indecision as to how I would go about this new change in my life. Most of it was out of pure excitement because this is something I had been thinking about and wanting to do for at least 4 years. I went from wanting to transition with the use of braids to wanting to cut my hair shorter, or “the big chop.” This past Saturday I went with my husband and our sons to the barber shop. I decided to let their long time barber shape me up, but when I got in his chair I told him to cut as much as the relaxer out as he could and to cut the little bang I had in the front. My husband just looked at me but he didn’t say anything. I just smiled at him and enjoyed every snip of the scissors and the rumble of the clippers!

George, the barbers name, did a really good job cutting my hair and doing what I asked and I felt so good afterwards! I felt liberated and FREE! Free to finally start my journey fresh and from scratch. When I looked at myself in the mirror at the shop I had the biggest smile on my face, and when I look at myself in the mirror now all I do is smile. I have zero regrets, no feelings of “What on earth did I do?” I think what helped was the fact that I truly wanted to do this. I wanted to make this change in my life and I was ready for it and therefore able to fully embrace it.

The compliments I’ve received across the board have been so heartwarming.The encouragement I’m receiving from my fellow natural sisters is overwhelming and I’m taking it all in because I need it and appreciate it. I’m still working with my teeny weenie afro, trying some products and some homemade things I’ve made myself. (Note to self: Invest in a pick! 😉 ) I look forward to seeing the growth and being able to experiment with different styles, especially the twist out. That’s a style I do frequently on my 11 year old daughter and she loves it. Her natural hair is so beautiful and her hair is so cooperative. Call me biased, but she has the face and confidence to pull off any style. My 9 year old daughter still likes her twisted pony tails, but I’m working with her to embrace her twist outs too. She’ll get there, but I won’t rush her.

I can honestly say that I am at the happiest with my hair for the first time in forever. No more curling irons or flat irons, no more spending $65 every 2 or 3 months on relaxers and hair cuts, no more worrying about breakage because of my chemically weakened hair. No more worrying about nappy kitchens (at the back of the neck) or edges. The only concerns I have now is which pair of big earrings am I going to rock today!


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