Does Going Natural = Product Junkie?

The term “product junkie” has such a negative connotation. For me when I hear the term in regards to those with natural hair, I think of hoarders of various hair products. I picture someone’s bathroom counter or closet overflowing with bottles of this and that, all serving different purposes. When I made the decision to go natural I SWORE I would never become this person. Then I quickly realized how foolish I was to think this!

No matter how many YouTube videos you watch, no matter how many blogs you read or advice you receive from fellow naturalistas, you have to go through the process of finding what products work for your hair. This process includes buying products. Price is very important to me. My biggest fear is spending a lot of money on something that I don’t like because it didn’t work for me. Research and customer feedback are also important factors to me. I lean more towards products with natural ingredients, so if something has a lot of big word ingredients that I can’t pronounce then I don’t want it.

Customer feedback can be hit or miss, so you really have to take it for what it is and make your own judgment. But if 10 out of 15 people say something sucks, there just may be something to it.

So far in my natural hair journey I’ve found a line of products that work for me, and it’s the Shea Moisture line. The Curling Pudding and Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Mask work wonders for my hair. My mother in law has also purchased the hair thickening shampoo and conditioner, and she loves it because she has thin hair. I’ve also found that I like making my own hair concoctions with natural oils and raw African Shea Butter and they work very well on me and my daughter’s hair.

At this point and time I am not a product junkie, but I can definitely appreciate how easily it can happen because I almost got sucked in. My humble advice to anyone reading this is to always weigh the pros and cons and do your research before you buy. Word of mouth can be very helpful, but you have to remember that there are many different hair types out there. I have 4c hair so I look for comments from those who have thick, coarse hair like myself versus someone with fine, soft hair. In the meantime I’ll keep you posted if I find another great product or a concoction that you can make yourself. 🙂



  1. Yes, please keep us posted! I am not a product junkie, but it can happen so subtly, you might not know you’ve been hooked! I’m like you…I look at my money twice before I spend it, and I hate spending money on something I end up hating. Fortunately, I have a naturalista friend who I can give stuff to if it doesn’t work well on my hair type (it just might for hers). I found something I like really well…actually two products that I like really well, and now I just stick to those. It saves me lots of money and I like the way my hair looks and feels. But yeah…there was a time when I was like, “Let me try this…oh, wait — let me try this, this and that too.” Before you know it, you’ve just spent thirty bucks…ack! 🙂

    • I need to keep in my naturalista friends in mind to pass things on to if I do happen to buy something I don’t like. I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone who does buy a lot of products, but I think being picky and cost conscious has definitely kept me from buying everything that catches my eye. 😉

  2. Hi, my name is Nick, and I’m a product junkie! This post is so true! Lord knows, I’ve watched a zillion youtube videos, then ran out and bought the darn product, only to find out that I didn’t like the way it smells, or it made my hair sticky and the list goes on! Interesting that you say the Shea moisture line works for you. I have the Shea moisture curling souffle, and it makes my hair feel like it has a film on it. I use a little, I use a lot, I use it with oil, still doesn’t work! Arrrrgh! 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHA Nicky!!! I love the YouTube videos, many are very informative and helpful but if you’re just starting out like me it can be very, very overwhelming. Plus you hear a lot of the same things just said in a different way which is why it’s important to take it for what it is, listen for the things that apply to your hair type and then go from there.

    You know you’re right – the curling souffle is a bit sticky and I also found that I had to use it with oil to calm that down. I liked the results (my curls) so I put up with the stickiness. I haven’t tried the Eco gel yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. My question is does it leave your hair hard and crunchy like most gels? I’m going to pick some up just to try it out but I wanted to know if you or anyone like the Eco gel and it’s curling results?

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