It’s not always cute, honey!

SJTwistout1 133

SJTwistout2 132

Soooo……last night I did my PUH-ing. This is the baking soda and water wash and apple cider vinegar and water rinse. This not only cleanses your hair of the build up of products and dirt but it helps define your natural curl pattern and restores your hairs pH balance. Every so often I’ll use this method for my girls and myself versus shampooing. Later in the week, usually on the weekend I’ll deep condition our hair and we’ll sit under the dryer for a little bit.

After puhing I decided to try my very first official twist out. First let me go back. A few weeks ago I did a “plait out” where I plaited my hair in tiny plats all over my head. That turned out so-so. My friends and fellow naturalistas keep telling me that my hair is long enough for a twist out even though I disagree. Last night I decided to give it a try.

First understand that I have very, very THICK, coarse hair and lots of it, so this process took a minute to do. I put my raw African Shea Butter mixture (with coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e) my hair, finger detangled it and went to town. Afterwards I tied it up with my satin bonnet and went to bed. This morning I gently took down my twists with a little olive oil on my fingers and the results are what you see in the pictures.

It’s very curly but kind of hard to tell in the pictures. I think what I need are some hair accessories and I need to experiment with different styles other than my curly fro. I’ve done the head band thing but I need to be more adventurous. I’m not thrilled about my hair today. I love how it turned out but it needs help. What I really want requires more patience, and that’s more length. Until that happens I’ll have to make it do what it do and get creative and cute with my hair. A flower pin here, a cute barrette there. You girls know how we do! đŸ˜‰


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