Continuing Forward While Looking Back

I never make new year’s resolutions. I simply don’t believe in them. My goal is always the same every year: To be a better ME in every possible way. Since going natural I want and need to set goals for myself and my girls. I’ve sat and pondered this during the winter/holiday break and all I could come up with is to do a better job at keeping our hair deep conditioned and moisturized, and to do all I can to protect it from this arctic weather we’re having in the midwest.

I’m noticing a lot of breakage/shedding with all of our hair. Between the bitter cold outside (we always have on a hat when outside) and the dry heat inside of our house, our poor hair is just really going through it. Knit hats are not good for our hair, so I need to invest in some silk scarves or find some kind of solution to protect our hair from the knit hats that we wear during the winter months. I’ve got some ideas brewing and I’ll let you know if any of them worked. I have a concoction of oils (Jojoba, Argan, olive, & Jamaican black castor oil with a drop or two or Rosemary oil) in my spray bottle with a little water that I spritz our hair with every other day, and of course my raw African Shea Butter that I use on our hair and scalp. I also give extra attention to our ends and massage their scalps often and deep condition often. I can see that I need to be even more vigilant with this as our hair dries so quickly and sucks oils like a sponge.

*Side note*
I absolutely LOVE how soft the Jojoba oil makes my 12 year old’s hair AND how well it’s keeping her dandruff under control!! It’s good stuff people, please invest in buying some.

At the moment my hair is still in crochet braids and my 12 year old daughter also wants crochet braids. At this point I think that would be a great protective style for her. I keep my 10 year old daughter’s hair in two strand twists and it works out well for her since she’s playing basketball this year for her school, and her hair holds styles very well for a long time. When I take her twists down her hair is gorgeous! Her curl pattern is to die for! (4c hair ROCKS!) 😉

Looking back:

It blows my mind that in a few short months (April) it’ll be one year that I’ve been creamy crack free, and in May it’ll be one year since my big chop. I’m so excited about these milestones! I’m more determined than ever to keep going in this journey, to keep learning, and to keep evolving. I turned 40 in 2013 which also made me look at my health in a different and more serious way. Last Monday I had my first mammogram. Yes it was a bit painful, but that pain only lasted for a few seconds. Whatever pain there is it’s worth saving your life by having a yearly mammogram.

I am grateful for this journey that I finally had the courage to take on. I’m grateful for the courage and confidence that have only come with age because I swear I didn’t have it 10 years ago! I pray, if it’s God’s will, that I’m able to continue on this natural hair journey with my girls and hopefully inspire some along the way. I pray that everyone strives to be better, healthier and happier in 2014 and in the years to come.

THANK YOU to all those that read my blog and comment. Please continue to do so! Be sure to “Like” and/or leave your comments below. I always respond. 🙂




  1. Happy new year to you!!

    Ok where do I start? I heard great things about crochet braids. I want to try it. Was it painful to install? I use jojoba oil as well. I buy the trader joes brand. It is one of my favorite oils. It’s very lightweight but gets the job done. Yes it’s brutally cold and it’s hard to keep a cute style. I wear the knit hats and I put my silk bonnet on first and my hair looks a hot mess once I take it off. I’m thinking about protective styling for the rest of the winter. I haven’t come up with the style yet. Speaking of mammograms, my gyn told me to get one now and I just turned 35. I am going to schedule it soon. Ok, I’m rambling! 🙂

  2. Hey hun, and right back at ya!!

    I also use Trader Joe’s Jojoba oil!! LOVE.IT. It is truly wonderful. Crochet braids do not hurt at all and are very easy to install. My sis in law taught herself how to do it, and of course YouTube has a million how-to videos that you can check out. You and I are so on the same page because I had also decided to wear my hair in a protective style for the rest of the winter. The air is simply too dry and harsh no matter where you are – inside or out. Anyhoo, back to the protective styling, I’m going to keep braids in my hair. In February I’ll be taking down the crochet braids and then my cousin will be doing my senegalese twists. And SHE will NOT be spending $200+ for them either!! Here I was searching high and low for a braider and here I have SEVERAL cousins who are awesome hair braiders and are reasonable with their prices! Anyhoo, let me know what you come up with for a protective style.

    I’ve also heard (recently) that they’ve pushed the age back to 35. Definitely go ahead and schedule your mammogram. I want to have my sista from another mister around for a long time to come! 😉 I love your rambling by the way. 🙂

  3. Hi there! My name is Cameron and I came across your post today and had a question. I would greatly appreciate if you could email me. Thanks so much! 🙂 Have an awesome day.

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