It’s Been A Long Time…….

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“It’s been a long time…..” as the hip hop legend Rakim of Eric B. and Rakim put it! I feel like I’ve neglected my blog. Part of my absence is due to life. Plain and simple. Being busy with the kids, my husband, work, running around – you know, LIFE! The other part was I wanted to wait to write something new when I had updates or news to share, and now I finally do. As you can see from the pictures I took out the crochet braids after having them in for almost three months. I’ve had tremendous growth while giving my hair a much needed rest with the crochet braids protective style. I have not blown dry or flat ironed my hair since I’ve taken my braids out so I don’t really know just how much my hair has grown, but it’s significant. I’ve been doing bantu knot twist outs and plait outs on my hair since taking my braids out, and I’m still tweaking things and trying to figure out which process works better for my hair and for the length that it’s currently at.

I’ve come to the conclusion that plait outs work best for me, and I need to start rolling up the ends or do a bantu knot so that my ends are curly and not straight. Plait outs are the same as twist outs only you’re plaiting your hair. In my case I plait my hair in small to medium plaits all over my head, and then in the morning I gently take them down with a little olive or jojoba oil on my finger tips. I get wonderful definition when I do the plait out. Also I finally got out to Trader Joe’s and picked up more extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, and FINALLY some grape seed oil. I’ve been using my jojoba and argan oils on my ends and love how soft they make my hair, and I’m still using my raw African shea butter mixture on my hair.

My sister in law has been helping me keep my daughter’s hair in protective styles as well. She does their braids which are very cute, and they are experiencing significant hair growth as well. Much can be said for “less is more” and simply leaving your hair alone. This Saturday I’m getting my Senegalese twists done by a good friend of mine and I can’t wait. Yes, more braids! Until this horrible arctic winter is over with I will keep braids in me and my girls hair.

In two months it will be one year that I’ve been creamy crack free. In May it will be one year since my big chop. YAY ME! I’m so excited for the next chapters in my journey, learning how to do different styles with my natural hair, learning how to make more natural homemade products for me and my girl’s hair (and body), and continuing to love and accept my hair for what it is. My hair may not curl like everyone else’s, and every style or technique I try may not work for me, and that’s ok. The options are still endless for my thick, coarse 4c hair, and I can’t wait to explore as many options as I possibly can. Stay strong and be inspired my fellow naturalistas!

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  1. Hey! Your hair is growing nicely. I have yet to use argon oil. It’s good that you found something to work for you. If I plait my hair, it comes out looking like I used the crimping iron. Ha-ha. So I stick with twisting it. Let me know how it goes when you start curling/rolling your ends. I do that now and it works like a charm! My ends remain smooth because of it.

    • Hey girl!! Girl the braids have done wonders for my hair growth. I’ve curled or twisted my ends before and they definitely came out nice, now I know that I need to do that every time I do a plait out or twist out. There are a few other oils I want to try, number one on my list avocado oil, and I still need to get some aloe vera gel. Slowly but surely I’m marking off my to-do list! 😉

      • I have not tried avocado or aloe vera gel either. I simply do not have the funds to keep buying products! I could start my own beauty supply store with the amount of products I currently have in my bathroom. Ha! I am thinking about braiding my hair again too, but it hurts so much to get it done, and hurts for about 10 days after. But man, I experienced the most hair growth while wearing them for the entire spring. I look forward to seeing more pics of your natural hair journey. This journey is one of deep self awareness for me. 🙂

  2. Here’s my thing with trying new stuff: I’m more willing to try it if it’s all natural and organic and not so much a product line. I’ve read and heard about avocado oil and how it does wonders for your hair, same with argan & jojoba. What I stay away from are the products that CLAIM to have these oils in them but when you read the ingredients you can’t pronounce the names of all the chemicals that’s in them! Instead I go to my local natural & organic food stores to buy these oils and use them in my own concoctions that I make for my hair and skin. Surprisingly a lot of these oils are reasonably priced too. I’ve also learned that not everything is cheap or reasonable buying from You’re better off going to your local Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods for certain things.

    I’m definitely learning as I go along, and I love it! Speaking of braids being too tight, my friend who did my Senegalese twists over the weekend (pictures are coming) did not do my braids tight at all. No headaches, no pain. When going to the African shops you have to let them know NOT to braid your hair so tight, especially around your edges. Otherwise like you said you’ll be dealing with a sore scalp for 10 days……but your hair is FIYAH though!!!! LOL!!! 😉 I already know that the next time I get my hair braided I will be going to an African hair braiding shop, and I will be letting my braider know that I don’t want my hair braided too tight.

    Thanks for being on this journey with me Nicky! It’s definitely been eye opening and very deep as you stated. 🙂

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