Braids Part II

I know I’m constantly talking about braids, I’ve been talking about them since I started this blog. I love braids and always have. Even when I had creamy crack in my hair I would get braids. A friend of mine is doing braids, Senegalese Twists in particular, as a side gig. I had originally booked an appointment at an African hair braiding shop but cancelled to let my friend do them. She only charged me a small fee considering what she could really charge, and she did an awesome job! I love them. I’ve never had braids this long before and was a tad bit nervous about having such long braids, but I adjusted to them pretty quickly. It’s something about long hair that just makes you want to whip it around like a true diva, lol!

Sonya twists1.1

Sonya twists2.2

I think it’s very important that we support each other as women, fellow naturalistas, but also as business women. I have many friends who have side gigs in addition to their main 9-5 job, and I gladly support their efforts as they pursue their dreams and passions on the side. My side gig is baking cookies. One day I hope baking cookies becomes my main gig – I love baking just that much. Now back to the braids, after my friend did my braids I posted the above pictures on Facebook and gave my friend several shout outs and thank you’s. That garnered a lot of “likes” and questions as to who did my hair, and I directed all of them to her. I couldn’t be happier for her, and I hope she gets more customers as a result. All I ask is for those who order my cookies and enjoy them is to simply give me a shout out. Spread the word! Help and support each other. It’s a beautiful thing!

Braids Part III coming soon……. 😉



    • Thank you aishaaaxo! This is my first time having them actually and I love them! I plan on getting my hair done again like this again. I want to keep my hair in braids until the summer at least. We’ll see. 🙂

    • Hi Tiffany, yes these are the senegalese twists. I LOVE THEM! I always thought they were so pretty on other people and in pictures and always wanted them. I agree, they are very easy to maintain. The next time I get them I want them to be a little smaller/skinnier. I’ll post pictures when I do! 🙂

  1. Love the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK, Hi! Haha. Love this look on you. And I will mention again that I love your brows!! So, you like to bake, huh? That’s wonderful. Have you ever thought about going on Shark Tank? Have you seen that show? A woman who liked to bake went on the show with her cakes and got a loan and help from the sharks. She’s a millionaire now!
    I agree that we should support each other. My dream is to do makeup full-time! I am working hard at making that my reality. In addition to promoting beauty and natural hair. xxoo

    • THANK YOU Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the show Shark Tank! I think I’d be too scared to go on there. They want small businesses that are already established with real money coming in. I would be too much of a start up needing a lot of help……but then again maybe my cookies would be tasty enough for them to invest in. Hmmmmmm…… 😉 I always believe that if my cookies got in the right mouth who knows what could happen! I’m glad you’re pursuing your dream of doing makeup full time, that is awesome! If I lived near you I’d totally let you “beat my face!” I still need to learn how to make my eyebrows look more natural, and that’s where you’d help me. 🙂 Anyhoo, I’ll still promote your side gig. Just tell me where you live, I have a lot of friends and relatives that live all over the place and I’ll be sure to spread the word. Feel free to email me, and thanks for the positive feedback, I need to hear it to make me keep going. 😉

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