Shout Outs & Thank You’s

GrazieMerciThank You2

I felt it was necessary to go a bit off topic and take some time to thank all of my supporters, readers, and fans. The support I’ve received since starting this blog has been AMAZING and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The support I’ve received from fellow bloggers – I’m speechless. We don’t know each other from Adam or Eve, and yet so many of you have reached out to me with arms wide open full of support and positive vibes, and I so ADORE you for it.

Just the other day I met someone through Pinterest. I’m a Pinterest JUNKIE in case you didn’t know. Anyhoo, her name is Erin and she’s a blogger. Her blog is called It’s Just Hair – Finding Pixies Everywhere. She blogs about short hair, pixie cuts in particular. I LOVE her blog because it’s different and unique and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop! She interviews women from all over the states and all over the world about their short hair, and it’s awesome. Erin reached out to me and asked if she could interview me, and from there spawned another blogging sisterhood friendship! Do yourself a favor and check out her blog at I Promise you’ll fall in love with her blog too, as well as see some great hair cuts and styles that may inspire you to go short! You’ll also be able to read her interview with me. 🙂

After numerous emails back and forth chit chatting with one another, Erin encouraged me to start a Facebook page about my cookie business. That is something I’ve been hemming and hawing about for the last couple of years, and thanks to Erin she’s convinced me to just DO IT! Thank you Erin! I needed that extra boost of confidence and kick in the butt to keep pushing forward towards making my dream and passion of baking a reality.

I live for these moments, and I will do all I can to be inspiring and encouraging to others. From now on I’m going to make it a point to shout out fellow bloggers and small business owners that absolutely ROCK to me. Let’s pay it forward. Be an inspiration, be someone’s supporter, be encouraging. Ladies – I’m speaking to you even more so. There’s nothing more beautiful that women banding together in support and love for one another. It’s so easy to tear each other down with negativity and ugliness. As a matter of fact it’s expected for us to behave this way. Let’s change that and make it a goal to be more supportive, loving and kind. Until next time, THANK YOU to everyone who have taken the time time read, comment, or like my blog. I truly appreciate it.




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