I’m Frustrated, and Here’s Why

Glorious Fabrics

Whenever I go to a store (department, boutique, etc.) I’m constantly checking out their hair accessories. Headbands, hair clips, cute things that my girls and I could use in our natural hair. What I’ve noticed, and have grown increasingly frustrated with, is the lack of selection, variety, and the absolutely RIDICULOUS prices!

Having two girls made me become very creative when it came to finding things I had around the house to style their hair or to use as an accessory. For instance, the majority of the headbands they sell in the stores ARE NOT, I repeat ARE NOT for people with kinky, coily hair. They often break because they aren’t strong enough to deal with tight curls. If they are of the elastic kind, the elastic quickly loses it’s elasticity after one or two uses and then it’s no good. What I started to do when my girls were babies was cut the legs of their old tights, tights that they’ve out grown, and use it as a head band. It was sturdy, it stretched as much as you needed, and it stayed in place for however long you needed too and no one was ever the wiser that it was the leg of one of their old pairs of tights! See the picture below of my girls when they were 3 and 5 years old rocking their huge, gorgeous natural afros, and my baby boy…….

My girls and headbands

Now my girls are older and they want more color, patterns, and stylish options. Then an idea popped into my head, an idea that I can’t believe I didn’t think of a long time ago: Go to the fabric store or Wal-Mart and buy a few yards of fabric and make cute scarves and headbands for our hair! It’ll be much cheaper than spending $8 – 12 dollars on ONE badly made headband, or $20 and up on a fashionable scarf from a department store. Makes sense, right? I’ll be sure to post pictures of what my girls and I have come up with and how we’re rocking our scarves in our natural hair.

Have you made your own hair accessories for your natural hair? What kinds of things have you used? Please share! 🙂



  1. I would LOVE to learn how to make my own elasticated hair bands! I bet it’s so simple too! Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts Sarmistha! Glad I inspired you. 🙂

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