My Fro is BACK! And a Moment for the Soapbox……

Afro Unleashed

First and foremost the braids are gone and my afro is BACK! It feels good to feel MY HAIR again. I have missed my afro these past three months, and my has it grown! It only took two hours to take down my Senegalese twists, and the rest of the time was spent detangling, washing, conditioning, and oiling and plaiting up my hair. The above picture is how it looks today. There’s some serious shrinkage happening in that picture too, but that’s the life of a naturalista! My plan is to get braids again at some point, but I’m not sure when. We’ll see.


There have been some interesting topics posted on some of my favorite natural hair blogs on Facebook. One of the topics was about the Natural Hair Nazis who believe that wearing weaves, wigs, or braids (where synthetic or human hair is braided into your hair), is NOT being natural. First off, I want to know who these people are that wrote the Natural Hair Rule Book For Black Women and where I can purchase said book. The last time I checked, NO ONE has any say so on what another woman does with her hair BUT that woman! These natural hair “purists” kill me trying to dictate and determine what makes you natural or not natural with their very judgmental “rules” and ideas.

It’s not easy for everyone to be natural. Let’s just get that out there. Some of us naturalista’s have to put a lot of time and effort into our hair because of the grade of  the type of hair, the climate we live in, and whatever time we have to devote to the care of our hair with our busy lives. I don’t think I’ve met a nautralista yet who can just get up and go with little to no fuss with their natural hair, but that’s not to say that their not out there. When you factor in hair type, climate, and your own personal daily schedule, sometimes it’s simply easier to throw a wig on, or have a quick weave or a sew in weave. Sometimes it’s easier to have braids put in for a few months at a time. These are also called Protective Styles. They protect our hair from constant manipulation, the elements outside (harsh winter cold, hot summers), among other things. So using these alternatives are not bad nor are they breaking any ridiculous unwritten rules.

Bottom line, none of us have the right to judge another person on how they decide to wear their natural hair or what they put in it. Just because I’m natural doesn’t mean I look down on those who still get relaxers. Just because I’m natural doesn’t mean I get to sit on my high horse and dictate what being natural should mean for ALL women. I’ve stated so many times throughout my blog that we all have our own reasons, stories, and journeys that led us to becoming natural. Regardless of our reasons, I will continue to be supportive of all naturalistas and an advocate for natural hair. Embracing your natural beauty and natural hair is a beautiful, liberating thing. 🙂


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