Deep Conditioning With Avocado, Olive Oil, & Honey

Avocado2Olive Oil2Honey2

I’ve been ITCHING to get my hands on some avocado oil as I hear it does WONDERS for your hair. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been looking for it that hard, but I have been looking and no one seemed to have it. In the mean time I’ve been hearing how great using avocado as a deep conditioner in your hair is. It’s cheap, easily accessible, and you can add things to it that you already have in your kitchen. I happened to be at WalMart one day and they had avocado’s on sale. I grabbed two of them and decided that I would try my hand at my own deep conditioning concoction. This time my oldest daughter was my guinea pig. 😉

I took her Senegalese twists down Friday night and Saturday afternoon I washed her hair and then prepared my avocado deep conditioning concoction. I decided to use extra virgin olive oil and honey in my mixture, and below are the ingredients and instructions of how I prepared it:

1 ripe avocado
2 tablespoons of olive oil
3 tablespoons of honey

*I’ll be honest, I really didn’t measure anything. The above measurements are guesses*

In a small bowl I mashed the avocado with a fork until all big clumps were gone. I added the olive oil and honey and mixed well with a spoon. Then with my hand I took a scoop at a time and applied it to my daughter’s hair. I know there are those who prefer to use a food processor to puree their mixture – that’s totally up to you. After her hair was saturated with the mixture (you will have leftovers in your bowl) I massaged it into her hair, on her ends and scalp really well and then used a large tooth comb to comb it through and detangle. I applied a plastic shower cap to her head and let it sit for 20-25 minutes. (Next time I’ll wrap a hot towel around her head)

I rinsed her hair with warm water and made sure all clumps and any stringy particles from the avocado were out. One complaint I’ve read from others who used avocado as a deep conditioner is the stringy residue left in your hair from the avocado. If you take extra time to rinse your hair well you won’t have too much of this stringy residue. To me it wasn’t a big deal, you just have to take the time to make sure it’s all out.

What I immediately noticed about my daughter’s hair after rinsing out the avocado deep conditioner was how defined her curls were. Her curls were looser, which to me wasn’t a bad thing. Loose/stretched out curls was a complaint I’ve heard from other people who used this deep conditioning method. She has naturally curly hair like her dad and 4a hair. The other thing I noticed right away was how soft her hair was. To me these were all huge pluses! I oiled her scalp and ends and twisted her hair for a twist out. Below are the results.

Taylor Twist2

In the end I give the avocado, olive oil, & honey deep conditioner two thumbs up. I liked the results on my daughter’s hair and I’ll be trying it on my hair this weekend. I promise to get more accurate measurements this time! 😉


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