Banding/Stretching Natural Hair

Natural Hair Banding1

Last night (Sunday) on a whim, I decided to try banding my hair. I had already washed, deep conditioned and moisturized my hair Saturday. Sunday night before I went to bed, I went to my girl’s room and grabbed their hair bucket and went to the bathroom to get to work. By the way, the above picture is not of me! 😉

What is Banding? Well it’s a process that many African American women with natural hair use to stretch their natural hair instead of using heat, either from a blow drier, flat iron, or any other process that requires heat. Natural African American Hair, especially 4c type hair, experience extreme shrinkage when wet or in humid conditions. With banding what you do is take sections of your hair and take a cloth rubber band and band it down the length of your hair. This may require using two or three rubber bands depending on the length of your hair.

Because I pretty much knew what the general procedure of banding was, I kind of did my own thing. I banded my entire head (and looked like Marlon Wayans from “Don’t be Menance While Drinking Juice In the Hood” – Google it if you have no clue as to what I’m talking about!) I then took my spray bottle that had coconut oil, olive oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and a little water in it and spritzed my hair and ends. Backwards method I know, but it was done on a whim and I will be sure to moisturize beforehand the next time I try this method. When I was done banding my entire head I tied my hair up with my head scarf and went to bed.

The next morning I took the bands off and boy was my hair stretched! I LOVED the results! I simply finger combed my hair and that left me with a big, beautiful fro that looked like it had been blown out with a hand drier. Banding definitely works, and considering I did it on semi-damp hair I think I got better results than if my hair was weighed down with a lot of moisturizing products. I had watched a few YouTube videos for banding and some people used a lot of different products in their hair while banding. My advice is to do what works for your hair and to achieve the look you want.

Here is the results of my first time banding. Sorry for the not so great picture. 😦

SJ Banding2

If you’ve banded please share your experience/photos. I’d love to hear about your methods and see your results!



    • Hi iamnaturallykinky! Thank you for your comment! When you make a new post there’s an “Add Media” option. You click on that and then it allows you to upload pictures. It’ll walk you through it. I would love to see some before and after pictures of your banded hair! 🙂

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