What it Means to be Natural

soap box

This is another soap box moment. Today I read the most disturbing and ignorant comment on social media. The post itself was about whether or not an R&B singer’s butt was real. This is the comment from a poster, and I quote: “Even natural hair chicks wear makeup making some portion of them fake.”

Help me out here. Isn’t hair and makeup two different things? Am I mistaken? What does one have to do with the other? Not every woman who decides to wear their hair natural believes that you have to be natural in every aspect of your life. Of course eating healthier has benefits for everyone, but to go to the extreme of saying that having natural hair should include not wearing makeup because makeup is fake and unnatural is simply absurd!

There are natural hair purists who make up these ridiculous rules on what makes you natural and what does not, and honestly they make me sick. None of these people can speak for all women all over the planet on what it means to them as individuals to be natural. Being natural means different things for different people. It is my goal to live a more natural, healthier life when it comes to the food my family and I consume and the things I put on my hair and in my body, but to not wear makeup because that’s deemed fake or unnatural? No hunny. My face will always be BEAT and my hair will remain chemically free of perms and relaxers. Hair color is another story. I want to experiment with color and make my fro POP even more! Whenever that happens I will have it done by a professional and I will use a product that doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that most hair colors have.

Many of us have abused our natural hair for many, many years with relaxers and other chemicals, so going natural is a big deal. Wearing the hair you were born with is just the beginning for some. I applaud those who make being natural a total lifestyle change. However, we cannot and should not push those changes on everyone.


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