Twist Out Confessions

I’m a lazy natural, and that can be a good or bad thing.  I’m a firm believer in less is more. The less I have to fuss with my hair the better. Now that’s not to say that I don’t like styling or caring for my hair because I do enjoy doing those things, but I don’t want to be constantly in my hair. When it comes to twist outs, I’m the QUEEN of twist outs……when it comes to my two daughter’s hair! I’ve been doing twist outs on them since they were babies. Doing twist outs on myself is a whole other story. I fall under the “hot mess” twist outs. I’m going to be honest about my mistakes and shortcomings, so here are a list of reasons why my twist outs don’t come out all that well:

1. I make my twists too big

I usually wait until late at night when I’m tired and sleepy to try to twist or plait my hair, and I’m usually in a hurry. When this happens I’m not giving my hair  the same time and care as I give daughter’s hair, and I end up with big puffs instead of defined twists. On top of that, my hair doesn’t dry properly which results in a lot of  frizz.

2. I wasn’t using the right combination of products

I was very resistant to using gels, curling souffle’s, etc. When I used gel on wet or damp hair and then twisted my hair I didn’t like how hard my hair would feel afterwards. Other gels made my hair feel sticky. I could do a twist out on my girl’s hair with just a hair cream or Blue Magic hair grease and get the most beautiful, defined twists. Not me. My hair needs a combination of products like Shea Moisture’s Curling Souffle and a dab of Blue Magic Hair grease on damp hair to get beautiful twists.

3. I over manipulate my hair

So after I carefully untwist my hair, I have the bad habit of over styling and over manipulating my hair which causes instant frizz.  Although summer is coming to a close, we’re still in the midst of some hot, extremely humid weather which doesn’t bode well for my twist outs either. I have to learn to stop messing with my hair because all of that manipulation is for naught when the heat and humidity gets done with it. 😦 This morning is a good example of that. The struggle is real yall.

4. I’m always in a rush

As mentioned earlier, I take my time when I do my girls’ hair. I do small to medium sized twists on their hair which gives them fabulous definition, and their curls last for days. When I do my own hair, it’s usually late at night, I’m sleepy, and I simply want to get the task done so I can go to bed which is why I end up doing big twists. Since giving myself ample time to do my hair I get better results. Is it time consuming? Yes, because I have a big head and lots of hair! I’m not ashamed to admit that, lol! But it’s worth it and I’m much happier with the results.

The pictures I’ve provided aren’t good examples of a good twist out because of the high humidity we’re experiencing, but I wanted to show that I’ve taken steps to correct my mistakes, particularly with making smaller twists. By the way, it is now 10:37am and I officially have a curly afro that resembles nothing of  the  twist out I started with before I left the house this morning! Darn humidity……

Twist Out Results




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