Length Check

It has been one year and six months since my big chop and one year and seven months since breaking free of the creamy crack. Since then I’ve only blown dry my hair three times but never flat ironed or straightened my hair. This past Saturday on a whim I decided that I would take the electric straightening comb and straighten my hair for a length check. I only ran the comb through my hair once. My goal was not to get my hair bone straight, just straight enough to get an idea of how long my hair was. The length surprised me a lot, which means if I ever do decide to have my hair professionally flat ironed it’ll be even longer. I still think I’ll reserve having my hair flat ironed for when I hit my two year anniversary.

The back of my hair is the longest. In it’s shrunken state it measured at 6 inches when I stretched out one of my plaits. When I straightened it it was down my upper back. Next longest is the top of my hair and the sides. My front is the shortest because it was chopped off mercilessly by my former beautician before I went natural, but slowly but surely it’s getting there. When stretched it reaches the top of my nose. That’s a lot of progress from where it used to be!

I think it’s important to do length checks at different stages in your natural hair journey. Look at your progress as milestones. I look at where my hair is now compared to where I was this same time last year and it’s simply amazing. Patience has truly paid off. Also taking better care of my hair, listening to my hair and not being so lazy about my hair care helped tremendously. Straightening my hair also gave me a better view of my ends and made my “search and destroy” of split ends and knots a bit easier. Finally, doing this latest length check boosted my confidence. I feel pretty. Sexy even! I’m rocking this big, blown out Afro with so much confidence that no one can tell me a THING, LOL! I have received so much positive feedback and compliments that it truly warms my heart. The best compliment I received was from my soon to be 13 year old daughter. She said “Mama your hair is sooo pretty like that! You HAVE to do my hair like that! I want my hair big like yours mama, pleeeaaase do my hair like yours!”  My little mini me. I love it! And of course I’m going to do her hair like mine. “Big hair don’t care” rules in our house!
Sonyas Hair Journeycollage 11-14-2



  1. No more creamy crack! Love that! I love natural hair and I just won’t and can’t go back. I’ll do things to change it up, but that’s it. No perm for me. But I’m not one of those hardcore types…if you want to perm, fine, that’s just one option. Great blog, honey!

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