The Last of My Raw African Shea Butter

Shea Butters

One year and some months ago, I went on and bought 10lbs of raw African Shea Butter. I was on a mission to make my own natural hair and body butters. I’ve used all kinds of oils in my mixtures: Jojoba, Argan, Jamaican Black Castor oil, etc. At first I thought I’d never use all of this luscious shea butter, but my family and I have really used it up! We use it in our hair and on our bodies. I used to swear by cocoa butter (Palmers to be exact) for your face and body, especially during our cold winter months. I know some can’t put oil on their face because of acne, but I have dry skin so cocoa butter and shea butter always worked for me on my face. Now that I know you can buy raw cocoa butter as well I think that will be my next project – making my own cocoa butter based concoction!

Getting back on topic, last week I used up the last of my shea butter and made three tubs worth. This batch was by far the best I’ve ever made. For one, I cut back on all the oils I used in it. This time, I only used, coconut oil (organic), extra virgin olive oil, a few capsules of vitamin E, and peppermint essential oil. I didn’t melt down the shea butter all the way this time. (I know some will frown upon this, but I had an idea in mind!) I heated it on the stove just to make it a tad bit softer. (FYI, I got an excellent batch of shea butter that was very soft and malleable to the touch. I always melted it on the stove and then strained out the impurities left after melting. I did not see any impurities/dirt with this batch even though I only melted it down half way). I then put it in my large mixing bowl along with the other oils that I used and then mixed it with my hand mixer (about 5-10 minutes give or take) until it had the consistency of a fluffy mousse or whipped cream.

I then used a rubber spatula to put into my containers and then sealed them. I let them set at room temperature for a few hours and then tested some on my skin. It was so silky and melted on contact and absorbed into my skin very quickly. I think I’ve found the secret to preparing my shea butter – whip it, WHIP IT GOOD! LOL! And the peppermint essential oil gives it such a fresh, minty smell that I just LOVE! I’ve also used rosemary essential oil in the past. I also like like jasmine, lavender, and vanilla.

I must also give my husband a shout out because he was my main guinea pig for all of my trials and errors when making my concoctions. He always gave me honest feedback and I listened to him. One of his early complaints was it was hard to rub the shea butter into his skin after a bath or shower. He was right. I wasn’t mixing or beating the mixture enough, and I had to adjust (add more or less) the amount of oils I added to my earlier batches. It’s been really fun going through the process of making my own hair and body butters because I love coming up with my own recipes or improving on a current recipe until I get it just right. I totally got this last batch just right. 🙂


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