Three Months Later…

Hello beautiful faces! I’ve been on my new job for three months now and I really enjoy it. As with any job, there are some personalities that just don’t jive well with you, but you press ahead anyway. As far as my hair goes, I continued to rock my curly afro or even a puff when I didn’t have time to really fuss with my hair.

As promised, I got some kinky twists installed back in September, and I am LOVING them! I’ve received many compliments, a few strange looks, and lots of inquisitive stares from those who are itching to ask me about my hair but don’t feel comfortable enough with me yet in doing so. I love the ones who simply come out and ask how the braids were installed or if it’s my real hair, etc. I look at it as an opportunity to educate them on the versatility of African American hair and the many styles in which we can wear our hair.

My plan is to keep braids in my hair over the winter months and keep it protected from the harsh, cold air. Since getting my braids I’ve been thinking a lot about how to care for my hair and scalp with the braids in. Washing my hair – be it in the shower or at the kitchen sink – with braids installed has always been a challenge for me. Be it braids falling out, frizz and new growth showing, the dilemma of air drying your braids versus blow drying them, the funny smells your braids can have depending on the shampoo you use…the list is endless.

Stay tuned to my next post as I share my discovery of a new (to me) and better way of washing my hair with braids. 🙂



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