Confessional: I Have a Bald Spot! *GASP*

Oh the horror

Remember when I was going through my bantu knot phase so I could rock my curly fro at my new job? Well apparently I was knotting my hair a little too tightly because I discovered much later that I had a small bald spot about the size of a nickel towards the front of my hair! I can admit that I can be very heavy handed when it comes to my hair (and my girls) BUT I’m learning to be more gentle. Now that I think back on it, I was indeed making my bantu knots in that particular area of my head very tight. What I did not realize was the damage that can be done when doing a style repeatedly (every day almost) and too tightly.

To say that I was horrified when I discovered this bald spot would be an understatement. Anyone who knows me know that I always think about the worst case scenario: Do I have female pattern baldness? Am I going bald? Is this alopecia? I. Freaked. Out. Then I calmed down and remembered one of the many beneficial uses of Jamaican Black Castor oil, and I began to apply it to my small bald spot every day, and guess what? I see hair growth! Slowly but surely my little bald spot that was as bare as a babies bottom now has growth since using Jamaican Black Castor oil on it every day.

Moral of the story: BE GENTLE to your natural hair. Do not pull, comb, or manipulate your hair roughly. And in my case, you do not have to pull your brains out to have a nice, curly bantu knot twist out!



  1. girrrl youre not alone! I have been so rough with my hair, to be honest still am. its hard to stop once thats what youre use to, teasing everyday and combing vigorously. But I found some awesome products Monat and strengthened the roots of my hair, not having any lose hair at all, evne though i’m stil not the most gentle to my hair!

    • Hi inzhirov! Thank you for sharing that, and you are so right, old/bad habits are hard to break. BUT losing hair because of my old/bad habits isn’t cool either! I’m definitely more mindful of how I handle my hair and my girls hair now. Thanks for the link for the shampoo, I will definitely check that out! 🙂

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