When New Growth Trumps How Long You Keep Your Braids

Arnold Face

Arnold’s face pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now. I’ve had my Kinky Twists for 42 days now. Count them – 42 days – and my new growth is out of control. If you lifted up the braids in the back of my head you’d get attacked by the untamed afro that has grown back there. The woman that does my braids is one of the best hair braiders I’ve come across since I’ve been getting braids, so the quality of her work is NOT the issue. What I’m having an issue with is the investment ($$$) I made in getting these braids with the purpose of getting two and a half or three months worth of wear out of them!

I tie my hair up every night, I don’t pull my braids back into pony tails, nor do I put them into cute buns or any other jazzy style. Remember, I’m team SAVE YOUR EDGES! I basically do everything I’m supposed to do when you have braids. My dilemma could be viewed as a good thing because at the end of the day what I’m “suffering” from is rapid hair growth. Who would’ve thought that a woman would complain about her hair growing too fast? Granted I know there are some women out there who do have this complaint, but it’s unheard of for me!

Then I had a moment….


My “EUREKA” moment was me realizing that back during my creamy-crack days when I got braids installed, my hair did not grow as fast. The only time I experienced mega hair growth back then was when I was pregnant and had braids. Mothers, you know how those pregnancy hormones work. Everything grows, and it grows fast! But when I had braids and wasn’t pregnant, I was always able to keep my braids for the 2-3 months because the growth was slow. Isn’t that something? Now that I’m 100% chemical free (no hair dyes either) and have been natural for 2 1/2 years, my hair growth with braids is rapid. Hmmm…..could it be because I now have a healthy scalp due to no longer putting harsh, harmful chemicals on my hair? Could it be because I use healthier methods and regimens to take care of my hair and scalp? EUREKA!

When I think of the positives of why my hair is growing so fast, I no longer feel so cheated with the shortened length of time that I’m able to keep my braids. Hair growth is a good thing. Hair growth is a positive thing. Hair growth, although it has never been my main concern since going natural, is what I want – but in a healthy way. Sometimes you just have to leave your hair alone and let it do what it do before you see results, and that makes the saying “less is more” all the more true. Protective styling has many benefits, and it’s especially beneficial for me. I LOVE having braids in it’s many forms, and I will continue to rock them. I just have to come up with a back up plan for when I only get 42 days or less out of my braids. Crochet braids here I come! My sis in law got that hook up! 😉


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