Vlogging – It’s Not For Me


Vlogging always seemed like it would be fun. Maybe it’s because so many YouTubers who are experienced vloggers make it look fun. They enjoy doing it and they’re good at it. “I can do that” I’d think to myself. “It looks fun and easy” I’d foolishly tell myself. Then one day I tried it, and I tried it several times talking about various topics, and by topics I mean natural hair topics.

Here’s where I messed up: I attempted to vlog late in the evening while tired and sleepy. When I would watch the finished video, I looked like I was minutes away from falling asleep. That’s not a good look. I also talked slow, which I’m sure will irritate those who are impatient and want you to get to the point. My eyes were so heavy that if you looked at me long enough you’d become sleepy too!  What I talked about was interesting (to me at least), but I had no energy. NONE. I work full time, I come home and cook, help kids with homework, putz around the house and take care of whatever else needs to be taken care of. Depending on what day it is, I’ll sit down long enough to watch my favorite TV show (if I can keep my eyes open long enough), and then off to bed I go.

In order for vlogging to work for me, I’d have to do it on the weekends and I would have to commit to it. Is it doable? Sure it is. Will I stick to it? Probably not. I’d be one of those vloggers who post a new video once every other month, if even that. So yeah, I’m going to stick to blogging. I’ve always been one who expresses herself better in writing than speaking. I can get my thoughts out faster by typing them out. I’ve always been wired this way.

To those who vlog, keep up the good work! You’ve found your niche, you’ve developed a following so keep it up. As for little ole’ me, I’m going to stay in my lane of writing. It’s much, much easier for me. And if I’m tired and sleepy while blogging, you’d never know it. 😉



  1. Im with you! It’s not as easy as it looks. I would play around in front of the camera and I looked so…..so dull! When I tried to be lively, it looked fake lol. It’s hard to believe how successful vloggers devote so much of their lives to YouTube. They even say it’s therapeutic. I guess lol.

    • YES Anjie! It’s very time consuming and you must be committed to it. I know off the bat that I’m not going to stick to it because I don’t have the time to devote to it. And like you mentioned, you don’t want to be dull, but you don’t want to be too “on” either. *BIG SIGH* Chile I’ll stick to blogging, lol! Therapeutic? I suppose! LOL!

      • Greetings Beloved:

        My daughter has a youtube channel. It per say is not vlogging but similar in nature. Being mom I had to put up props edit redo shots it was a lot. I truly give respect to all who embark on this extremely hard journey.

        PS Love your page layout….

      • Hi Kreakyjoints (I love your name because it sums up ME, lol!), girl I give all props to you and your daughter. Vlogging is HARD. And I don’t even know where to begin with editing and music, etc. That is so not my thing, but I do have friends who could help me out if need be. I think if this was around say when I was in my 20’s I would totally be all in. But chile, I’m older, have a family which equals having less time. But I do admire those who vlog and do well with it. And thank you about the page layout. 🙂

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