Breakage & Natural Hair

Natural Hair Breakage

On top of having a bald spot from making my bantu knots too tight, after taking out my kinky twist braids I noticed that my ends look like the picture above. Not good. That’s not a picture of my hair by the way, but when I saw this picture I had to post it because that’s exactly how my hair looks at the top and in a few other places. I will admit that I do not clip my ends often enough, and honestly I’ve been neglectful of my ends. As a result, split ends and breakage is what I’m currently dealing with.

I’m also dealing with very dry hair, which means I need to do a much better job at moisturizing and deep conditioning, and do it more often. Now I understand why some Naturalista’s big chop more than once. However, I’m not ready to throw in the towel with my hair. I want to focus on getting it back healthy, stop being so lazy, develop better routines. I’ve been the true definition of a lazy natural, and the above picture is what I got as a result.

Last night while preparing to twist up my hair before I went to bed, I stood in the mirror in my bathroom, grabbed my scissors and began to clip my ends. I didn’t do a dusting, I did some serious cutting. I know my hair will grow back, and I’ve never been afraid of cutting my hair. I’m going to keep doing this until my ends no longer resemble the hot mess above. Another thing to consider is the change of seasons. I live in the Midwest and the cold weather is now coming in. I have to change up my hair care routine for the dry, winter months, and be diligent about it.

I’ve gone a long time being a lazy natural. I still believe that less is more, but I truly need to do MORE to get my hair back healthy. I’ve got my mission. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. 🙂



  1. Yes, having a good routine will workout your breakage problems. I have to admit that I’m also a lazy natural, but I’m working on doing better. When you know what products works for your hair then you will be able to keep your hair together. 🙂

    • This is so true thedailylifestyleblog. When I first went natural I thought I could by pass the products, thus eliminating the possibility of becoming a product junkie, and just use natural oils and butters. I’m learning that my hair needs more, and that I DO need SOME products to help it get to where it needs to be. #WorkInProgress

      • Yes most definitely.. I did the same thing when I first started. It’s a must do if want to have a healthy hair journey

  2. Hi dear, sorry to hear that, have the same issues and still working on hair recovery, will take me about 9 months to recover, time is going faster than I thought so hang in there, you can do it!!!!!!! Do keep us posted dear.

    • Thank you, Hun! Yes, it’s gonna take time. I’ve learned patience since being natural, and patience will always be key when there’s a bump in the road in your natural hair journey. 😉

      • Yes it is dear, one day at a time but you will progress and do post about it, because have seen that a lot of naturals post only the positive with their hair and that is great but what about when things do go wrong, that needs to be put out there also, which is why I appreciate your posts so much cause it shows me that yes, we will run into roadblocks but it can be overcome and we will succeed so thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
        Wish you the best and do share your progress, you can do it dear!!!!

      • Awww thank you SO MUCH isleofazure! I’ve also noted with many blogs that only the positives are highlighted, but that’s not the reality for every natural. We all encounter bumps in the road be it split ends, breakage, bald spots – you name it! It’s definitely a journey and a learning process and it’s not going to be pretty and full of smiles. We’re so sensitive about our hair that sometimes we’re moved to tears with a bad hairstyle or loss of hair! So yes, I want to show ALL sides of this natural hair journey, and hopefully it’ll help someone else to not give up.

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