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Stretched & Straightened Hair


This has been one of the most humid summers to date in my neck of the woods. I took down my micro braids in early June and it’s been a challenge finding ways to to style and protect my natural hair. The majority of the time I let my afro flow freely. However…I also found it more difficult to deal with my hair in it’s constant shrunken state. I would plait my hair, tie it up, and it would be stretched, but by the time I made it to work, some serious shrinkage have already taken place.

I’ve done heatless stretching on my hair by doing the banding method or braiding or plaiting my hair and it worked just fine…during the winter months without any humidity. It’s summer now and I wanted something that would take less time and last a little longer in this humid weather. As my family and I were preparing to go out of town a few weeks ago, I decided to straighten my hair with a straightening brush.

Straightening brush

Most straightening brushes look similar to this one pictured above, including mine. I only wanted to loosen my tight curls, not get it bone straight, so I only ran the brush through my hair twice at a 400 heat setting. I figured that after shrinkage took place, it still would be easier to deal with, and I was right. About two weeks later I used the brush again. At night I would plait up my hair in medium sized plaits and tie it up. In the morning I take them down and finger comb and go.

What also helps me in the stretching process is castor oil or Blue Magic hair grease. I have thick, coarse hair, so I need those heavier oils. The only thing is when using oil or grease, you need to be more diligent about washing your hair. Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo to help clear away any and all buildup.

In the photos below you see my hair after having used the brush, but significant shrinkage has also taken place. Despite the shrinkage, my hair has been more manageable. I know constant use of heat is not good for your hair, and I’m not going to use the straightening brush again for a while, but it’s a nice option to have when you want to do something different. Or when you’re simply trying to fight the heat and humidity. And since I hadn’t stretched or straightened my hair in quite some time, it was nice to see my growth progress.

stretched hair


Celebrating Love, & Talking Hair


Sonya & Tara

May 28, 2014 was our 20 year wedding anniversary. We went on a short get away to a lovely resort for a few days – no kids – and we truly enjoyed ourselves. Words cannot explain how much I love this man. He’s my everything!

Beach and Water

The resort was located on the beach, and our room had a beautiful view of the beach and the water from our balcony. The temps were cool but the sun shined every day that we were there. There was little to no humidity which worked well for my hair! Before we left for the trip I did a twist out and wore it that way the first day and then with the headband. Very no fuss which is what I like!


Not only did we celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary, but I’ve also reached my one year milestone of being natural! Creamy Crack Free is the way to be!! YAY ME!! 🙂 This morning after washing my hair (something I normally do on the weekend instead of during the week), I decided to blow dry it out. I haven’t done this in 5 or more months. After oiling and detangling my hair I proceeded to blow out my hair with the comb attachment on the end of my blow dryer. Boy was I surprised by the volume! Us naturalista’s cannot say enough about SHRINKAGE and how major it is for our hair!

Afro Blowout

Now I totally feel like Pam Grier or Angela Davis with my big, beautiful afro! My wonderful sister in law has offered to flat iron my hair for me, another thing I haven’t done since going natural. At this point I feel it’s necessary because I need my ends clipped. I’ll be sure to post pictures when that happens!

Looking at my hair and my two daughter’s natural hair, I’m simply happy. Happy at how healthy our hair is, happy at the growth all of our hair is experiencing because I’m taking much better care of our hair. My girls and I LOVE our natural hair and how beautiful and versatile it is. I cannot believe it’s already been a year for me, but I look forward to the many years ahead (God willing) of being naturally beautiful!

Me today