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Protective Styling – It’s Not That Hard!


So why have I been making it so hard? Or am I just lazy/content with what I’ve been doing thus far? I think it’s the latter. Lately, I’ve been seriously thinking about other ways to protective style that will not hurt my pocket book so much. (I just showed my age saying pocket book LOL!)  I LOVE going to the shop and getting my hair braided, however that’s not always financially feasible. Braids are a wonderful investment that you can get two – three months out of, especially when you find a great hair braider. Crochet braids only last for a few weeks (depending on style and type of hair you use) and then you have to take them down.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself into the bad habit of twisting or plaiting my hair and then taking it down the next day to wear a curly fro, then retwisting or plaiting to do it all over again night after night. Well, I’m noticing split ends and extra shedding. Not good. The shedding and split ends aren’t just because of over manipulation. It’s also because I haven’t been tucking my hair away this winter. The cold, harsh winter air has my hair dry and brittle. To be more loving and gentler to my hair, I’ve set a new goal for myself, inspired by fellow Naturalista’s on Facebook. My goal is to leave my hair in a protective style for a week and to keep doing it every week until it becomes a habit. I think this is a great goal for people like myself who desperately need to leave their hair alone.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. Not only am I going to invest in more colorful scarves so I can wrap my hair in different styles, I’m going to also invest in a WIG! And not just any ole’ wig, I want a good wig that looks like my natural hair. I’ll admit that I’ve been resistant towards wigs for quite some time. I’ve never worn one in my entire life except for a talent show. I’ve always felt that I wouldn’t look right in them. But I’ve now had a change of heart and I’m ready to rock a wig! Maybe it’s because I’m in my 40’s and I no longer care about what other people think. Regardless of the reason, I’m here for them. I’m here for wigs! yaaasssss

Until I get my wig and more colorful scarves, here’s what I’m rocking today to keep my plaits in my hair:

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, hat and closeup

Come through, hat! 😉


Hey Y’all!!!


Happy Anniversary

First off: Happy TWO YEAR NATURAL ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been M.I.A. for a very long time, and all I can say is that LIFE happened! Everything is good though. My hair is growing and its fabulous. I had box braids for a while and now I’m back to rocking my afro and I’m loving it! My girls are rocking their afro and puffs and other cute styles and we’re just some happy naturalistas!

I think the last time I posted it was about making a hair and body moisturizer with mango butter, organic coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and vanilla essential oil. Did I tell you that stuff is the BOMB on the hair?? It gives you softness and sheen like no other and I’m going to be making more soon.

As far as other products go, I haven’t experimented with anything else. I’ve kept it down to using Wen apricot moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in one, and either my homemade shea butter or mango butter moisturizer. We spritz our hair with water and olive oil every day and that’s it. I plait my hair up at night and tie it up and rock a curly afro from that. I pineapple every once in a blue moon but that’s my routine. Hair washing is once a week or every two weeks, depending on how heavy I used products, and the same goes for my girls. The less manipulation the better and that is what has contributed to our hair growth.

I’ve tossed around the idea of straightening my hair on my two-year anniversary and I’ve decided not to. I’m in no rush to have my hair straightened because I love the fullness of my afro. I love how big it is. I LOVE BIG HAIR! LOL!

Every so often I see posts on how to get your hair curly or people will give me suggestions on what products to use to achieve a curly look. Let me give this PSA, and I hope people hear me loud and clear: I am very happy with my afro. I am very happy with my kinks and coils and the fact that my hair grows up and out and doesn’t necessarily curl in such a way that others will drool over and deem pretty. I am fine  with that, I accept what my hair can and cannot do. I’m sure if I worked diligently enough my hair would indeed curl and have fabulous definition, but that’s not what I want. It’s not what I aspire to have. From the day I big chopped two years ago I accepted my hair, and I love everything about it. So to you naturally curly ladies, I salute you. You have beautiful hair, but guess what? So do I. Let’s keep celebrating each other and accepting each other.

I’ve been away so long that I have so much more to share with you! Stay tuned my lovelies!

Checking In


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I just wanted to do a check in with everyone. My natural hair journey is going well and being patient is paying off. I’m still sticking to my “less is more” attitude.

In July I began to take 5000 mcg of Biotin in addition to my multi-vitamin. You can take Biotin twice a day, but I only take them once a day with my dinner. Biotin aka Vitamin H supports the growth and strengthening of healthy hair and nails. It is also beneficial in metabolizing fats and amino acids (energy production), and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. So if you’re feeling sluggish, consider Biotin to give your hair and your metabolism a boost.

I know many aren’t convinced that Biotin actually helps in hair growth, but I think it does. I’ve noticed significant hair growth in the past 3 1/2 – 4 months that I’ve been taking Bitotin, and my skin is very clear with no blemishes. I wish I had taken length check photos when I started taking it, but I’ll dig out some pictures of me from each month which will hopefully show my hair growth.

My daughters Taylor and Talya LOVE rocking their massive puffs or afros to school. I’m glad they feel so confident and comfortable in doing so. I constantly tell them how beautiful their hair is, as does my husband. It also helps that there are other girls, teachers, as well as their school principal who rock their natural hair. They’re part of their own natural hair community at school and I think that is AWESOME!

This weekend I had to explain to my girls that while it’s wonderful that they love wearing puffs and afros, it is equally important that they wear protective styles from time to time. They gave me twisted up frown faces in return, but I explained to them why. Living in the midwest, the temperature has dropped and the cold, dry air is moving in. Cold dry air is like kryptonite to kinky, coily hair. It dries it out and makes it brittle and then it breaks off. To retain our growth we must protect our hair.

Despite their short-lived protests they understood what I explained to them and I twisted their hair in small twists. My oldest daughter immediately styled her twists the way she wanted them, which turned out to be really cute, and my youngest daughter wore her twists down. I also bought more hair accessories so they can do other cute things with their hair.

As for me, I’ve been doing plait outs on my hair. I plait my hair at night in small to medium plaits and sometimes roll the ends with rollers for a curly plait out the next morning. About two weeks ago I decided to blow dry my hair after washing and deep conditioning for the first time in forever. I basically wanted to do a length check, and I was pleasantly surprised by the growth. I must confess that while attempting to blow dry my hair with a comb attachment that I BROKE it. So I wasn’t able to blow dry all of my hair. Oops! In the mean time, my plan is to get braids in the near future as a protective style for the upcoming winter months. My main hair goal for me and my girls is keeping our hair moisturized and deep conditioned.  I’ve found some really good, simple DIY recipes for achieving this and I will post my results with these after I’ve tried them. What are your hair goals for the fall/winter?


It’s Been A Long Time…….


Sonya fro3

Sonya fro2

Sonya puff 02

Sonya puff 01-1

“It’s been a long time…..” as the hip hop legend Rakim of Eric B. and Rakim put it! I feel like I’ve neglected my blog. Part of my absence is due to life. Plain and simple. Being busy with the kids, my husband, work, running around – you know, LIFE! The other part was I wanted to wait to write something new when I had updates or news to share, and now I finally do. As you can see from the pictures I took out the crochet braids after having them in for almost three months. I’ve had tremendous growth while giving my hair a much needed rest with the crochet braids protective style. I have not blown dry or flat ironed my hair since I’ve taken my braids out so I don’t really know just how much my hair has grown, but it’s significant. I’ve been doing bantu knot twist outs and plait outs on my hair since taking my braids out, and I’m still tweaking things and trying to figure out which process works better for my hair and for the length that it’s currently at.

I’ve come to the conclusion that plait outs work best for me, and I need to start rolling up the ends or do a bantu knot so that my ends are curly and not straight. Plait outs are the same as twist outs only you’re plaiting your hair. In my case I plait my hair in small to medium plaits all over my head, and then in the morning I gently take them down with a little olive or jojoba oil on my finger tips. I get wonderful definition when I do the plait out. Also I finally got out to Trader Joe’s and picked up more extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, and FINALLY some grape seed oil. I’ve been using my jojoba and argan oils on my ends and love how soft they make my hair, and I’m still using my raw African shea butter mixture on my hair.

My sister in law has been helping me keep my daughter’s hair in protective styles as well. She does their braids which are very cute, and they are experiencing significant hair growth as well. Much can be said for “less is more” and simply leaving your hair alone. This Saturday I’m getting my Senegalese twists done by a good friend of mine and I can’t wait. Yes, more braids! Until this horrible arctic winter is over with I will keep braids in me and my girls hair.

In two months it will be one year that I’ve been creamy crack free. In May it will be one year since my big chop. YAY ME! I’m so excited for the next chapters in my journey, learning how to do different styles with my natural hair, learning how to make more natural homemade products for me and my girl’s hair (and body), and continuing to love and accept my hair for what it is. My hair may not curl like everyone else’s, and every style or technique I try may not work for me, and that’s ok. The options are still endless for my thick, coarse 4c hair, and I can’t wait to explore as many options as I possibly can. Stay strong and be inspired my fellow naturalistas!

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