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Showing and Accepting Love



This past weekend my husband and I were grocery shopping. While shopping, I noticed a beautiful woman shopping with her elderly mom. She was a tall, plus sized woman with no makeup on and just naturally beautiful to me. She walked with a quiet confidence. It was very regal to me. To top things off, she was natural and was rocking this huge, amazing puff with big hoop earrings. I had made a mental note to compliment her before I left the store. Sadly, I never did. This isn’t like me. Normally I would have been on top of that, but I was distracted more than the usual because we were at a store that we weren’t quite familiar with, so I was more focused on finding what I needed.

We eventually left that store and went to another one across from it to pick up other items we needed. While walking down an aisle, the same woman and her mom were at the end of the aisle. As we got closer to them I heard her say “Wait mom, I need to talk to this beautiful sista.” I look up and she said “I just had to stop you. I saw you in the other store and I told my mom that I thought you were so beautiful. You are a beautiful queen.” My heart melted, y’all. I was so humbled and taken back by her kindness, and amazed that we both had intentions of complimenting each other! We’re complete strangers, yet we both saw beauty in the other. I interrupted her because I had to tell her that I had intended to pay her a compliment as well. I told her “I felt the same about you! You, queen, are also beautiful! And your puff is AH-MAZING!” She rolled her eyes like “Oh my goodness, are you kidding me?” And I said “Stop it. Yes it is. It’s beautiful and you are rocking it girl! Accept it!” We both laughed and she said “Okay, I’ll accept that. But I had to stop you. I think you are a beautiful queen.” Again my heart melted and I said “Come here, I’m a hugger and I need to hug you. Thank you so much for that” and gave her a big, strong hug. My day was made after that. I felt good, I felt uplifted.

I appreciated this strangers love, it was so genuine and heartfelt. We talk about uplifting each other all the time, complimenting each other and building each other up as women, but how often do we actually do this? I know approaching strangers doesn’t come easy for everyone, and I’m not telling anyone to walk around and hug random strangers, but don’t pass up on an opportunity to compliment someone. As humans we need that love. As women we need that love. As natural haired women, we need that love and sisterhood. Giving and receiving love lifts the spirits in a way that nothing else can.


After the stranger and I parted ways, my husband says “I mean, you aw-ight looking…I don’t know about all that beautiful stuff she was talking about!” I punched him in the arm as he laughed. He knows he married a beautiful queen. 😉


HAPPY One Year Creamy Crack Free To ME!


Balloons and cafetti

April marks my first year of no longer putting chemical relaxers, aka creamy crack in my hair. I’m over the moon happy about this milestone because I feel free and brand new! I feel like I’ve shed an old part of me similar to how a snake sheds old, dead skin. For years I abused my hair and scalp, and one year ago I finally got the courage to do something that I wanted to do for the past four years – go natural. It’s such a liberating feeling! Making the decision to go natural is why I started this blog. I wanted to share my experience with as many as I could reach and hopefully be a source of inspiration and encouragement to those who are on the same journey or thinking about taking this journey.

Since going back to my natural roots I’ve been more aware of all my fellow naturalistas out there. So many of my friends have gone natural while other friends have been natural for years. When I see naturalistas on the street I feel a sense of pride and I can’t help but smile at them or compliment them on their hair and ask questions. It’s a sister and brotherhood that we share, and it’s such a beautiful, wonderful thing to see so many embracing their natural beauty. Some critics are quick to call the natural hair movement a “fad” and I hate hearing that. Doing something that is good for your overall health and health of your hair and scalp is not a fad. Embracing your natural beauty and culture is never a fad.

We all have different reasons and different situations that led us down the path of natural hair, and no one should judge why a person made that decision. Nor should anyone judge those who choose to get chemical relaxers or perms in their hair. That’s why I celebrate and encourage those who choose to be natural. It’s scary yet exciting, frustrating yet fulfilling. It’s a journey filled with highs and lows and many learning experiences. More importantly it’s a journey I’ll never regret.


When is your creamy crack free anniversary? What made you go natural? Please share, I’d love to hear your story!