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Natural Hair In Review – 2017


that's a wrap

Every year I learn something new. New techniques, new natural things to use on my hair such as herbs and oils. While I may not have tried them all, they’ve definitely been added to my “to-do” or “wish” lists.

Lessons Regarding My Hair

The first important thing I’ve learned is to let go of the bad ends. I neglected to clip my ends for quite some time, and I paid for it. My afros,while big, looked scraggly. When I finally got rid of those bad ends, my afro looked healthy. Let go of the dead weight people. Don’t hang on to bad ends for the sake of length. It will always hurt you more in the end with the amount of hair that you end up having to cut.

The second important thing I learned about my hair is that it grows better when it’s braided or in some type of protective style. For a good portion of 2017, I wore my hair in its natural state. I let my fro fly free. While I enjoyed rockin’ my big hair, it became a chore at times. I felt pressured to find and try new styles that weren’t always good for my hair.

For one, the temptation to twist my hair into two strand twists or plaits every night to have fresh curls in the morning was something I had to fight against. Also, the temptation to semi-straighten/stretch my hair more than I should (in the attempt to try new styles) was also there.  Both things can cause breakage when done in excess, and after finally clipping my bad ends, more breakage is the last thing I want. I also noticed that my hair growth seemed slower when not in a protective style. Having observed all of these things about my hair, it’s time to listen to what it needs. I will be more diligent about my protective styles to promote healthy hair growth.

Lessons From The Natural Hair Community 

We have a long way to go with education, acceptance, confidence, support towards one another, and respect. While I’m happy to see many women making the change from chemical relaxers to natural hair, many of them need to be educated on African American hair so they can better understand their own hair. They need to learn our history about hair braiding, head wraps, designs, and why certain negative terms and views that date back to slavery and beyond still have a vice grip on many of us today that prevent us from seeing the true beauty of our hair. Educating yourself is one of the most important steps in your natural hair journey.

It makes me happy to see that there are so many natural hair events all over the states that celebrate all types of African American hair, and I hope to attend a few of them that are close to my neck of the woods. I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding those events, and we need more like them.

I’m going to continue to do my part by encouraging hair-positive messages in the natural hair community through my blog. My focus will be on the positive stories in the natural hair community and less on the negative ones. And as usual, I will continue to strive to take better care of my natural hair.

Thank you all for supporting my blog, and here’s to healthier hair in 2018!






Please Support Hair Love!


Matthew Cherry is trying to get financial support for his animated short film called Hair Love. Please click on the link and donate if you can. This film is so needed, and the premise alone tugs at the heartstrings!


I’m too old for…


Overly sensitive people in the natural hair community. I know we all have our struggles as naturalista’s, and we’re constantly battling negative stereotypes when it comes to our natural hair. But when we have discussions amongst ourselves, we should be able to speak freely and not be censored by the natural hair police or admins of a group who try to tell you what you can and cannot say, especially when it’s not demeaning or offensive. We all have different thoughts and opinions, and having natural hair is not going to change that. Having natural hair does not mean that we’re exempt from all criticism. That’s not being realistic at all.

I’m starting to rethink being part of natural hair groups on Facebook because I’m finding that grown women don’t know how to have grown up conversations about HAIR. It’s sickening and it’s a shame.  I left a group tonight because the admins tried to chastise and tell others how they should and should not feel and what they can and cannot say when everyone was simply stating their opinion on a hairstyle. Yes, a hairstyle people. It was so ridiculous and so petty and uncalled for. And that’s when I said “You know what? I’m too old for this.”


We cannot control what people think, what they say, or how they feel. All we can do is focus on ourselves and keep ourselves uplifted. Tune out the negativity and keep showing the strength and beauty of our natural hair as much as possible. Be supportive of one another and stop trying to make people think and feel the way you do. Those who are natural still have misinformed, backwards, or flat out ignorant thoughts on natural hair, which means not everyone is on the same path or level in their journey as you may be. People can only learn through education, not censorship.


Love in the 4C Hair Natural Community



~ Loving Your Hair With Natural Care ~

This is my first post of 2017! Hey now!

I stumbled upon a Facebook group called Type 4 Natural Hair. In this group, there is nothing but love and support for those of us with this hair type. Women from all over the world post pictures, seek advice, encouragement, and share tips. It’s such a supportive group and I couldn’t be happier that I found it and am now a member of its community.

Everyone in this group is in different stages of their natural hair journey, and it’s beautiful to read all the different experiences or some of the same frustrations that I once had when I first started. Women and men of all ages are in this group seeking advice and encouragement for themselves or their kids or grandkids. There’s no negativity allowed, no hair shaming or hair type shaming, and that is huge to me. This Facebook group is exactly what any kinky haired, tightly coiled, natural haired person with questions, concerns, or insights to share should want to be a part of. Check out Type 4 Natural Hair and request to become a member. You’ll love it.


It’s Time to Celebrate!


Champagne glasses

April through June mark various milestones in my life. April 2nd, 2013 is the date of my very last relaxer. April 19, 2013 is when I officially decided to go natural. May 13th is when I let my husband’s barber do my big chop. This coming May 28th is me and my hubby’s 20 year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been 20 years when I can remember us dating, being engaged, and our wedding day like it was yesterday! All of these milestones are huge and are near and dear to my heart. Besides marrying my best friend and having 4 beautiful children, going natural was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time.

I think back to when I decided to go for the gusto and cut off all of my hair. I did it without a second thought and never felt an ounce of regret after doing it. I was ready, I was fearless. My inner strength came out in a big way because I felt so strong and confident about my decision to take this huge step in my life. I was so excited about this new chapter in my life that I felt like I had to share my journey with the world, so I decided to blog about my experience. My hope with this blog is to inspire and help others. When I see family members and countless friends going natural it warms my heart. It makes me over the moon happy to see them embrace their natural hair, to embrace the hair they were born with. I LOVE swapping ideas, suggestions, hair styles and techniques with them. I love sharing and learning new homemade, natural concoctions that are good for our hair. I also love finding various natural hair care blogs on Facebook and on the internet that talk about everything from techniques, do’s and don’ts and what’s good and not good for our hair. I love positive blogs that are encouraging and invite you to share your ideas and suggestions.

It’s amazing that a year has already passed since deciding to take on my natural hair journey and blogging about it. It’s been a fun ride with ups and downs. The toughest stage for me in all of this was my in between stage. That was when my hair wasn’t long enough to do a twist out or much of anything else to other than wearing an afro. That was very frustrating, but not to the point where I wanted to give up. Then my hair went on a growth spurt and before I knew it I was twisting and plaiting my hair and my afro was huge! I felt like Pam Grier, lol! “Freeze suga!” Was that Foxy Brown of Coffee? That’s a topic for another time. 😉

Last but not least, May 28th will mark 20 years of blissful marriage to my handsome, ridiculously funny, stylish, sweet hubby. Marriage is hard work. HARD WORK. We were very young when we got married, but we knew what we wanted and we knew we were ready. We’ve been friends since grade school. He was best friends with my second oldest brother, his big sister was best friends with my two older sisters, our moms knew each other and were friends. We basically grew up with each other – but we couldn’t stand each other either! Typical right? The person you can’t stand end up being the one you marry. I didn’t see it coming to be honest. Apparently in 7th grade he told my brother that he was going to marry me. He didn’t tell me this until we were engaged. How cute is that? Till this day my brother loves telling that story of how my husband told him all those years ago that he was going to marry me. 🙂 Our marriage produced four beautiful children, two girls and two boys and they are the joys of our lives. Our oldest son will be graduating high school this June, another big milestone for our family! I still can’t believe we have an 18 year old…… sheesh!

All I can say is that we are blessed. Through the good and bad times we’ve been blessed to have life, each other, a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and a little change in our pockets to take care of our babies and make them happy and comfortable. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. I wouldn’t trade the struggles either because those things made us stronger as a couple and as individuals. It made me love that tall drink of water even more. 😉 That’s what marriage is about – working through the good and the bad, sickness and health. Sickness and health especially. We’ve had our fair share of scary moments with sickness and to be where we are today – it’s all glory and praise to God.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for allowing me to get mushy over my lover husband as our 20 year wedding anniversary approaches! There were a lot of doubters, a lot of nay-sayers and HATERS when we got married. People said we wouldn’t last, they said we were too young and didn’t know what we were doing – and yet here we are 20 years later still madly in love and still going strong. What on earth could be better than that? Oh wait…..I know! Me going NATURAL!! HA!!!! 😉 *Just kidding*

Please check out It’s Just Hair!


As promised, here is my interview with blogger Erin Elmore of It’s Just Hair! I had a ton of fun talking hair and everything else under the sun with her! Please check out her blog where you’ll meet women from all over discussing their hair and how it empowers them. If you’re a lover of short hair like I am, you’ll also see a TON of cute, jazzy hair styles and colors to drool over!



Shout Outs & Thank You’s


GrazieMerciThank You2

I felt it was necessary to go a bit off topic and take some time to thank all of my supporters, readers, and fans. The support I’ve received since starting this blog has been AMAZING and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The support I’ve received from fellow bloggers – I’m speechless. We don’t know each other from Adam or Eve, and yet so many of you have reached out to me with arms wide open full of support and positive vibes, and I so ADORE you for it.

Just the other day I met someone through Pinterest. I’m a Pinterest JUNKIE in case you didn’t know. Anyhoo, her name is Erin and she’s a blogger. Her blog is called It’s Just Hair – Finding Pixies Everywhere. She blogs about short hair, pixie cuts in particular. I LOVE her blog because it’s different and unique and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop! She interviews women from all over the states and all over the world about their short hair, and it’s awesome. Erin reached out to me and asked if she could interview me, and from there spawned another blogging sisterhood friendship! Do yourself a favor and check out her blog at http://hairishairishair.blogspot.com/ I Promise you’ll fall in love with her blog too, as well as see some great hair cuts and styles that may inspire you to go short! You’ll also be able to read her interview with me. 🙂

After numerous emails back and forth chit chatting with one another, Erin encouraged me to start a Facebook page about my cookie business. That is something I’ve been hemming and hawing about for the last couple of years, and thanks to Erin she’s convinced me to just DO IT! Thank you Erin! I needed that extra boost of confidence and kick in the butt to keep pushing forward towards making my dream and passion of baking a reality.

I live for these moments, and I will do all I can to be inspiring and encouraging to others. From now on I’m going to make it a point to shout out fellow bloggers and small business owners that absolutely ROCK to me. Let’s pay it forward. Be an inspiration, be someone’s supporter, be encouraging. Ladies – I’m speaking to you even more so. There’s nothing more beautiful that women banding together in support and love for one another. It’s so easy to tear each other down with negativity and ugliness. As a matter of fact it’s expected for us to behave this way. Let’s change that and make it a goal to be more supportive, loving and kind. Until next time, THANK YOU to everyone who have taken the time time read, comment, or like my blog. I truly appreciate it.