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Natural Hair Stylists


Raised eyebrow

Last week I attended a very worthy event sponsored by a dear friend of my mine for Breast Cancer Awareness. It was hosted at a full service salon where my friend works. After the workshop, we got a tour of the salon and we got to meet the staff. There were about 4 stylists who said they specialized in natural hair care. I approached one of them and we had a mini consult.

The consultation started out ok. I told her how long I’ve been natural, she asked what I used as a moisturizer and what products I used. I told her that I make my own concoctions and that I don’t really have any product favorites. Honestly my mind went blank and I really couldn’t think of the the few that I do like at that moment. I do like Wen products (shampoo and conditioner in one). She then began to tell me about her favorite products and how she’s still searching for the right moisturizer for her hair. I knew within seconds that she was a product junkie with all the products she began rattling off that she currently use on her hair. Red flag #1. Anyway, I explained to her what I was looking to have done to my hair, which by the way was very simple: Wash and deep condition, clip or dust my ends, blow dry & flat iron.

Apparently all she heard and saw were dollar signs because her response was “Yes, you should be clipping your ends every 6 – 8 weeks, and you need a cut and style, and I can give you this treatment and that treatment, and I like to do cute natural updos, that’s what I specialize in, so yeah all of that would come to $65.00.” Red flag #2.

Soooooo you’re going to charge me the same price I would have to pay if I were getting a relaxer and a cut and style? Are you freaking kidding me right now? But let’s forget that point for a moment. Let’s get to the core of the matter which is she didn’t listen to a thing I said! She totally disregarded what I, the potential customer, wanted and decided to push her wishes on me. I quickly ended that conversation and walked away. I was very nice about it, but very disappointed and flabbergasted at the same time.

The lesson: Always have a consultation with a new stylist before booking an appointment with them. Just because a person claims to be a natural hair stylist doesn’t mean they truly are, nor does it mean that what they are offering is what you’re looking for. Be very clear with them about what you are looking for, and if that isn’t what they are offering move on. If you feel the stylist isn’t listening to you or are concerned about your questions and concerns, move on. If the stylist simply looks at you with dollar signs in their eyes, move on.

Honestly, I’m second guessing having my hair flat ironed now. I was only going to do it for a length check, but now I just may wait a little longer, maybe when I reach my 2 year natural anniversary. My hair is healthy and has been growing just fine with me taking care of it, and it doesn’t cost me $65.00 to do so.

Do you go to a natural hair stylist? What have your experiences been like?


Checking In


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I just wanted to do a check in with everyone. My natural hair journey is going well and being patient is paying off. I’m still sticking to my “less is more” attitude.

In July I began to take 5000 mcg of Biotin in addition to my multi-vitamin. You can take Biotin twice a day, but I only take them once a day with my dinner. Biotin aka Vitamin H supports the growth and strengthening of healthy hair and nails. It is also beneficial in metabolizing fats and amino acids (energy production), and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. So if you’re feeling sluggish, consider Biotin to give your hair and your metabolism a boost.

I know many aren’t convinced that Biotin actually helps in hair growth, but I think it does. I’ve noticed significant hair growth in the past 3 1/2 – 4 months that I’ve been taking Bitotin, and my skin is very clear with no blemishes. I wish I had taken length check photos when I started taking it, but I’ll dig out some pictures of me from each month which will hopefully show my hair growth.

My daughters Taylor and Talya LOVE rocking their massive puffs or afros to school. I’m glad they feel so confident and comfortable in doing so. I constantly tell them how beautiful their hair is, as does my husband. It also helps that there are other girls, teachers, as well as their school principal who rock their natural hair. They’re part of their own natural hair community at school and I think that is AWESOME!

This weekend I had to explain to my girls that while it’s wonderful that they love wearing puffs and afros, it is equally important that they wear protective styles from time to time. They gave me twisted up frown faces in return, but I explained to them why. Living in the midwest, the temperature has dropped and the cold, dry air is moving in. Cold dry air is like kryptonite to kinky, coily hair. It dries it out and makes it brittle and then it breaks off. To retain our growth we must protect our hair.

Despite their short-lived protests they understood what I explained to them and I twisted their hair in small twists. My oldest daughter immediately styled her twists the way she wanted them, which turned out to be really cute, and my youngest daughter wore her twists down. I also bought more hair accessories so they can do other cute things with their hair.

As for me, I’ve been doing plait outs on my hair. I plait my hair at night in small to medium plaits and sometimes roll the ends with rollers for a curly plait out the next morning. About two weeks ago I decided to blow dry my hair after washing and deep conditioning for the first time in forever. I basically wanted to do a length check, and I was pleasantly surprised by the growth. I must confess that while attempting to blow dry my hair with a comb attachment that I BROKE it. So I wasn’t able to blow dry all of my hair. Oops! In the mean time, my plan is to get braids in the near future as a protective style for the upcoming winter months. My main hair goal for me and my girls is keeping our hair moisturized and deep conditioned.  I’ve found some really good, simple DIY recipes for achieving this and I will post my results with these after I’ve tried them. What are your hair goals for the fall/winter?