Advocate For Your Locs

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Advocate for your locs. What does that even mean? Well, from brutal personal experience, I’ve learned that there are a lot, and I mean a ton of people out there who claim to be locticians, but are really stylists. There are many who claim to promote hair health/loc health yet they use a lot of heavy gels to retwist your locs, retwist too tight and then style locs in too tight styles. Make it make sense.

It is vital that you know the difference between a true loctician and a loc stylist. There is a difference. A true loctician cares about the health of your hair and locs first. They study your hair, they look for changes, they ask pertinent questions about your overall health, your eating habits, any stresses in your life, surgeries or health issues. Why? Because all of those things can directly affect your hair. Locticians also know what too much manipulation can do to your hair and scalp, they are aware of the dangers of traction alopecia and won’t do too tight styles or retwists. A loc stylist only cares about styling your hair and being creative. They often use gels, hair pins, and other things to help style the hair and keep the hair in place. There is a lot of pulling and tugging and tucking involved that often shows the hair being tightly pulled and the scalp looking distressed.

Let’s be clear: Not all stylists style this way, but the majority I see on Youtube and social media do.

If you ever find yourself in the chair of a loctician who really isn’t a loctician because they do too tight reties, do a lot of pulling and tugging on your locs, don’t be afraid to speak up or get up and walk away. There are too many fakes out here who will only damage your locs and your scalp health and you do not have to put your locs at risk. Advocate for your locs! One of the best ways you can do so is to learn how to care for your locs yourself. Learn how to do your own reties. It will not only save you money, but it will literally save your hair. Don’t be afraid. Being afraid was my biggest problem and guess what it left me with?


The breakage from too tight reties didn’t show up right away. It took time to truly see the damage, and boy is there a lot of damage! I blamed myself, and I am partly to blame because of my constant scratching of my scalp with my nails. But too tight reties that had my scalp hurting for a week definitely did the bulk of the damage to my hair. Please learn from me and my mistakes.

I stopped going to my latest loctician. She didn’t listen to me and that was a major red flag and turn off. I made a promise to myself that I would never go to another loctician again. I also had to realize that there is no perfect loctician and if they do exist none of them live in my area. I now do my own reties. My sister in law helped me to combine my locs one final time to the size I always wanted. I’ve gone from having 376 locs, to 176 locs to 88 locs. Now I’m happy. Now I feel I can manage my hair with only having 88 locs. I will no longer interlock and will now twist my hair. The changes I’ve made are vital to my hair health, mental health and confidence. I no longer give power over my hair to someone else. I’ve reclaimed that power and it feels so good!

Advocate for your locs. Do not settle. Stop being scared of caring for your own hair. You can do it!

I Combined My Locs!

So after months of going back and forth and not knowing what to do with my hair, I finally made a few solid decisions:

  1. No more locticians. I’ve documented my fair share of horrible experiences with various locticians. I finally had a “Aha” moment where it became crystal clear to me that I cannot expect nor depend on other people to do right by my hair. Wherever the good locticians are in my area they are hiding and hiding well because I have yet to be referred to one nor find one via word of mouth or via social media.

2. For now, no more interlocking – only twisting for my reties. Now that I’ve combined my locs they are bigger and I feel twisting them will be best instead of interlocking. I do know the pros and cons of both methods, but at the end of the day I have to choose hair health over anything else.

3. It’s my hair and I have to be happy with how it looks. Period. I can’t care about the opinions of family members, friends, or even my husband.

To see the finished product and to hear more on what led me to this decision, watch my latest Youtube video here:

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Breakage & Lessons Learned

Breakage has been an ongoing theme in my natural hair and now loc journey. During my loose natural hair days, I had breakage due to too tight protective styling. Now that I have locs, my breakage is mainly due to too tight retightenings and me scratching my ithcy scalp.

Unfortunately with locs, when you’re new to them there is so much you don’t know no matter how much research you’ve done. I need to be honest and say that I do have regrets with my loc journey. Here are three main ones:

  1. Not getting traditional locs like I always wanted. Had I gotten traditional locs, maybe I would have avoided all the horrible locticians that I’ve crossed paths with. I know I would be happier with the look of my locs, and I wouldn’t have had to combine my locs to achieve the loc size I wanted.
  2. Scratching my scalp. I’ve always had a dandruff issue so scratching my scalp was normal. Having someone scratch my scalp for me with a comb or their fingernail was also normal – and it felt soooo good! But what I didn’t realize (or perhaps I didn’t believe fat meat was greasy) is that when you have microlocs of any kind, especially sisterlocks, you cannot scratch your scalp with your nails or a comb. You are simply ripping your hair follicles at the base of your loc and that will result in breakage. You may not see the breakage right away, but it will show.
  3. Not taking my time to research in depth all loc options. This one is huge. During my loc research I came across sisterlocks and I became so enamored with them that I ignored all other locs. I didn’t bother looking into the various ways of starting locs, I didn’t look into all the various kinds of locs. I stopped at sisterlocks and I obsessed over sisterlocks and then made the hasty decision to get sisterlocks. About six months to a year of having them I knew I made a mistake. I should have gotten traditional locs.

I admire those who started their loc journeys over because they weren’t happy with their locs. I’m trying to save mine to avoid having to start over from scratch. But I also have to be realistic in what that means. If I don’t get this breakage under control I may end up having to start all over anyway. When you have breakage with your locs, it takes a very long time for your hair to recover from that. I know I’ve said this before in my YouTube videos, but I must take the care of my locs into my own hands. I keep coming across the wrong locticians who don’t listen, who aren’t skilled enough, who think super tight reties are the only way to achieve a neat look. This needs to stop.

My health must also be factored into the equation. One year after getting sisterlocks, I had major surgery, a total hysterectomy, which affects my hormones, hair growth, etc. When you are lacking certain hormones or your hormones are out of balance, one of the main side effects is hair loss, hair thinning, and breakage. Combine this with having reties done entirely too tight and me scratching my dandruff with my fingernails, and you have a recipe for major breakage. Now that I’ve identified the problems, how do I move forward? Do I cut off my locs and start from scratch? Do I keep my locs and combine them again and hope that stops or slows the breakage? Or do I continue with my locs but make changes to how I care for my hair in hopes that it will stop or slow down the breakage and make my locs healthier?

What I really want to do is find a professional who has experience helping clients with damaged hair and knows what to do to get their hair healthy again. That has been a very hard task to accomplish because more often than not, word of mouth is the only way you’d get that information. You can’t just look in the Yellow Pages and go through pages and pages of locticians and call every number you find. And it’s hard to do a search on the internet for locticians in your area because A) not all of them are listed or advertise their services. B) if you live an area where there aren’t many locticians you’re simply up the creek, and C) very few state that they know how to care for loc issues. This is where I feel discouraged, stuck, and running in a constant circle. My only wish is that I can find someone that’s willing to help me get my locs back healthy. But if I can’t find that person, then I will have to take the care of my locs into my own hands and do what I feel is best for them.

Locs, as with loose natural hair, are indeed a journey. A journey I’m not ready to give up on. My hair is the longest it’s ever been in years. I love waking up in the morning and not having to worry about combing and styling my hair. I love walking in the rain without worrying about my hair drawing up. There are so many positives with having locs and I’m not ready to give that up. I’m not ready to start over. I am determined to figure out a way to deal with my breakage and save my locs so I can continue on this wonderful journey. If I find that it’s best that I start over, only then will I cut off my hair and start all over. Until then, the journey continues.

Time to Regroup

Most of you know that I started a YouTube page and I’ve been putting a ton of content there. Along the way I’ve met many other YouTubers, some are nice while others are very cutthroat or guarded. I quickly learned why. YouTube is extremely competitive, cutthroat, and full of content stealers. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve encountered who pretended to befriend me only to steal my content ideas, steal photos I’ve used in my blogs, or who flat out try to steal away my subscribers – and I have no where near the following that they already have!

Yeah, it’s time to regroup.

I’m a naturally friendly person, and silly me thought that other YouTubers would be the same. Not true. I’ve found that when a Youtuber – and by Youtuber I mean locs or natural hair Youtubers – find out that you’re a fellow content creator, they get very guarded and territorial. They are slow to follow you back (if they follow you at all) to show you the same support you are showing them. They rarely interact with their followers or respond to the comments made on their videos, and if they do respond, it’s usually a short two – five word response. Of course I thought that was downright rude and unfriendly. These are the people, your followers, who helped make your channel successful! The least you could do is engage with them and acknowledge them. Many often type a reply of “Thank you” or “Thank you for your support” which to me isn’t directly addressing the comment left. At least not in a way to make the follower feel appreciated. Especially when they see that you’ve left that same, blah, dry, general response for all comments.

There are those who have a lot of followers that say there’s just to many comments to respond in depth to individually and they don’t have enough time in their day to do so. One of the main ways you show your followers that you appreciate them is to acknowledge them and respond back in a thoughtful and meaningful way. But maybe that’s just me. Yes, I’m sure it’s time consuming and a headache. And no, not every comment deserves a response back. Let’s be honest – there are a lot of trolls and downright nasty people in this world who sit behind a computer, tablet or phone who LIVE to put others down and criticize you in the harshest way. So I understand why many creators are hesitant to put themselves out there so to speak. However, all YouTube creators have access to the block and delete options. You can report such ones. And if you don’t have time to monitor such things on your own, find an admin that is trustworthy to help weed out such comments.

I know I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time because I’ve found that I truly enjoy making YouTube videos about my loc journey and things I’ve found to be very helpful in helping my hair grow stronger and be healthier. I enjoy interacting with my followers and having great conversations with them about hair and many other things. But I’ve also found that the YouTube world has a toxic underbelly that can sap you of your joy if you allow it. I’ve had some pretty unpleasant experiences lately that involved fellow YouTubers following me, commenting on my posts and questioning me on my content in a condescending manner and then making a video of their own talking trash about me! I’ve had fellow YouTubers try to steal my followers away from me, use my Facebook page to promote their YouTube page and asking my followers and FB friends to follow them. I’ve had YouTubers steal or copy my page look, content, etc. and if finally came to a head to where I had to make a video addressing these shady broads.

Writing is my first passion, and it always will be. For the past two years YouTube had all of my attention but it’s time to regroup. It’s time to get back to what I love most – writing. So expect more posts from me because I have a lot to say and share!

My hair when I started my loc journey in 2018 to today at 2 years and 6 months locked:

Why You Should Steam Your Locs Facial Hair Steamers, 2 in 1 Portable Home Facial Ion Vapour  Ozone Spa Salon Steamer Face Skin Hair Care Sprayer Salon Beauty Table Home  Use Aromatherapy Humidifier US Plug: Beauty

There are two main reasons why you should steam your locs: Moisture and Hydration.

Let’s get into it.

Moisture & Hydration

Moisture is important to all hair, but especially to locs. Once you loc your hair, it becomes harder for water to penetrate the hair and get to where it needs to be. That is why dry, brittle locs are a problem for loc wearers. This is also why those with locs are encouraged to drink plenty of water daily and spritz their hair with some kind of water or water based treatment.

Another factor to consider is living in a cold weather environment. The winter months can be brutally cold and dry. These conditions can have harsh effects on natural hair and locs. Without proper moisture, your hair will become brittle and eventually break off which makes steaming your locs even more important.

Hydrated locs will feel soft and look shiny and healthy, but the hydration needs to start on the inside first. On October 14, 2020, the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, found that an adequate daily fluid intake is: About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. Proper water intake is key to proper hydration for your overall health, body and hair!

Steaming Locs... yay or nay #locs #steaming #dreads | Locs, Dreads, Style
Gentleman getting loc steaming treatment

The Benefits of Warm Steaming Your Locs

  1. Warm steam lifts your hair cuticle which allows treatments to penetrate the hair shaft. It also opens the pores in the scalp that allows for better absorption.
  2. Cleanses your scalp and locs by loosening up dirt and dead skin.
  3. Encourages blood flow to your hair follicles which promotes hair growth.
  4. Helps fight against dryness and breakage and instead gives you soft, shiny locs.

How To Steam Your Locs

Let’s be honest, hair steamers are not cheap. Just go to and price them. But there are ways around this.

  1. Use your shower to steam your locs. It’s cheap and convenient.
  2. If you choose to purchase a home steamer with the hood, make sure you do your research and buy a quality one.
  3. Purchase a hand held steamer. It’s cheaper than a hooded steamer and you can take it anywhere you go.
  4. Boil a pot of water on your stove. Carefully sit it in front of you and hold your face and locs over it and take in all that nice steam.
  5. For ultimate moisture and hydration, oil your scalp with your favorite oil (preferably a light oil) before steaming your locs.

Happy steaming!

2020 Was CRAZY, But 2021 Will Hopefully Be Better!

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Hey y’all! Usually I’m good at staying on top of the closing of one year and the start of another. By now I would have already blogged about the good and the bad of 2020 and what I look forward to in the new year.

It goes without saying that 2020 was CRAZY! I mean major crazeballs. COVID19 – need I say more? But as it relates to my locs and the decisions I’ve had to make regarding the care of my locs, 2020 wasn’t all bad. Hear me out.

In 2020 I Took Charge Of My Hair

You guys, I’ve blogged and vlogged about my displeasure with my sisterlocks consultant who established my sisterlocks. Let’s recap: Not only was she a scammer who practiced bad business, but she was doing a half job on my locs! She was skipping whole sections of my head but still charged me full price for her services. She was constantly trying to find new ways to get more money out of me all while providing bad services. She was habitually late to my appointments constantly, running behind with her appointments 15-20 minutes even though I always show up early. She would have people come in during my appointment so she can provide services to them while I wait. Granted I didn’t find out that she was skipping whole sections of my hair until I started seeing someone else, but I made the right decision to stop letting her janky butt touch my hair.

How did I take charge of my hair? First, I found someone else to do my reties and that’s when I found out that my previous loctician was skipping whole sections of my hair. That news angered me, but it also put pieces of the puzzle together. How can you possibly zip through almost 400 locs during a retie in an hour? All that pulling she did on my hair pretending like she’s doing the 4 point rotations when really she was only doing one or two rotations – if any at all! We’ll talk about the damage she caused to my hair later.

While going to the second loctician I decided to combine my locs so I could have bigger locs. That was something I had wanted to do for a long time, and it turned out beautifully thanks to my sister-in-law. It was some time after this that I found yet another consultant who also did not work out, and from there I decided to do my own reties. So far I’ve done one full retie of my entire head. I made some mistakes along the way but I didn’t stress over it. I was too busy being proud of myself for taking charge over the care of my hair. I felt empowered and accomplished.

My sisterlocks establishment in 2018 vs my combined locs in November of 2020

Using My Platform To Help Others

Throughout this whole process, I decided to use my platform on YouTube to help others. I made videos about my horrible experiences with my first loctician and the following ones as a public service announcement to others to beware. Beware of the red flags, the lies, the scams. It is my goal, my mission to keep others from going down the same road I did, and I considered myself “informed” and had done “extensive research” before getting my locs! It just goes to show you that sometimes none of that matters because when you encounter a scammer, they prey on what you don’t know about sisterlocks. I knew the basics, but there was so much more that I didn’t know.

A plait out on my combined locs, 2020

I think it is so important that women go into their loc journeys as informed as they can be. I go into detail about the things they should look for, the questions they should ask, and more importantly, don’t be afraid to walk away if something doesn’t feel right or seem right. You have a choice, there are other ways to get the look you want for much cheaper than sisterlocks, there are other people you can see to get you started on your loc journey OR…you can take charge of your own hair and start your locs yourself using two strand twists or plaits. So many women who are thinking about locs don’t realize the options they have and that’s why I vlog about it on YouTube.

Starting Conversations About the Ugly Underbelly of Sisterlocks & The Loc Community

By me speaking on my bad experiences with sisterlocks, much needed and long overdue conversations has begun on my YouTube page and elsewhere. For some reason, it was taboo to speak against sisterlocks because many believe Dr. Cornwell is this fearsome woman who will somehow jump out the shadows of the room and get you. All this woman can do is sue people, but she can’t sue because someone is speaking their truth about their bad experiences under her brand! There are others who feel that we as black women shouldn’t speak bad about another black woman who is a successful business owner. Ummm… come again? Bad business is bad business – I don’t care what color or gender you are!

I thought I had bad experiences with sisterlocks, but once these women started commenting on my videos I realized my experience paled in comparison to theirs! And that’s a shame. That truly breaks my heart that there are so many women out there being taken advantage of and robbed blind. So many are being overly charged for sisterlocks but what they were given weren’t even sisterlocks!

Within the sisterlocks community, there was no safe space to talk about the bad side of the company. Most sisterlocks Facebook pages were pro-sisterlocks. If you questioned anything or complained you would get jumped on verbally and told to go elsewhere with the “negative talk or negativity”. These people want to ignore the problems in sisterlocks but today, I am so glad that so many are speaking out and sharing their experiences on YouTube and other places. There is wonderful advice given, support, and knowledge being shared.

Hoping For A Better 2021

I feel even more determined to continue to be a resource and a safe space for women to talk about their experiences (good or bad), to provide comfort and guidance and help them get back on the right track with their loc journey. No one should feel silenced, no one should feel stuck or feel that they have to continue to take the bad service they are receiving.

More importantly, in 2021 I hope to hear less horror stories. I hope these horrible locticians, sisterlocks or otherwise, are called out and put on blast as a protection to others. And I hope the great, wonderful, caring, ethical locticians are shouted out, praised, and given all the accolades for caring about what they do and the women and men they service.

May all of our hair grow abundantly, flourish, and be healthy in 2021 and going forward.

It’s My Two Year Loc-Versary!!!

On the left my loc journey started with Sisterlocks. On the right I now have combined regular locs.

You guys. I’ve been loc’d for two years now, and boy has it been…eye opening! Let’s get into it.

Sisterlocks Weren’t For Me

I fell head over heels in love with sisterlocks completely naive to the inside drama that came with it. But how would I know that inside drama even existed when I didn’t know anyone with sisterlocks to ask? I made one key mistake and that was rushing on deciding who would install and care for my sisterlocks. Even when I saw the red flags I convinced myself that things would work out, everything would be okay. But it wasn’t. It only got worse. I’ve talked about this in previous blog posts so I won’t beat a dead horse here, but that bad decision led me to where I am today.

Over time I realized that I wanted bigger locs, and that was something I’ve always wanted. After kicking my first loctician to the curb, COVID hit and it made me go ahead and combine my locs and start a new journey. I was still looking for a new loctician, but unfortunately that didn’t work out either.

Sadly, People Can’t Be Trusted

Searching for a new loctician in my city was a joke. All it proved to me is that people can’t be trusted and the world is full of scammers. And weirdos. I’ve had people tell me that I still had sisterlocks and therefore would still be charged sisterlocks rates. I’ve had people tell me that in order to combine my locs I had to take them down to the root and then pay them $300 to re-lock my hair. I’ve had people take me on as a client but after two visits tell me that they are moving out of state and will give me a name of someone else to go to – but only on Facebook – and they never gave me that person’s name.

All of those horrible experiences made me realize that no one can be trusted. And this isn’t just people in the sisterlocks community, but the loc community as a whole. Everybody is out for the bag (money) and are constantly looking for ways to screw you over and it’s sad. It’s extremely disappointing and disheartening. Here I am thinking the loc community would be welcoming and freeing and this lovely place where you celebrate natural hair and hair freedom. Nope. It’s the complete opposite and they are the same if not worse as the loose natural hair community. You have your loc purists who think they know everything about locs and are quick to point out your errors and tell you you’re not a true locked person, you have those who prefer calling locs dread locs vs those who prefer to call them locs, you have the sisterlocks vs traditional locs infighting and snobbery. It’s so much and it’s sad.

It Was Time For Me to Step Into My Power

Despite all the bumps and bruises I encountered on my loc journey, I realized that it was time for me to step into my power. Stop being afraid to retie my own hair. Do what I needed to do, what I knew I could do, to care for my own hair. Stop trusting others to do right by me and bet on myself. It took me some time to get to this point, but I’M HERE! (Cue in Whoppi Goldberg’s classic scene in The Color Purple when she’s leaving Mister’s house towards the end of the movie!)

My experiences from my first loctician alone was enough to make me bitter towards sisterlocks and locs alone, but I didn’t allow myself to have those feelings because it wasn’t the locs that were doing me wrong. It was the person doing my hair at the time and the other people that followed her. I kick myself for being so trusting because these were people who were highly recommended and I assumed they would do right by me. They didn’t. It also doesn’t help that I live in an area where there aren’t a lot of experienced AND GOOD locticians. Sisterlocks are beautiful. They looked beautiful on me. But that wasn’t the look I had envisioned for myself, and that was my fault. I should have gotten traditional locs to begin with. But I do not regret my sisterlocks experience.

I’ve always wanted locs and I’m glad I continued on my journey in a different way by combining my sisterlocks to have medium sized locs. I love the way they look now and I love that I am in charge of the care of my hair. I can’t wait to see what the next two years and beyond bring! Happy two year loc-versary to me!!

Customer Service And Communication Matters!

Most of us have been raised to have manners, to be kind, to say please and thank you and to live by the golden rule of treating others the way we’d want to be treated. Basically, how to be a decent human being. Ever since I started going to the beauty salon to have my hair professionally cared for dating back to my junior year in high school, I’ve had various experiences with communication and customer service, most of them being good. Within the last 10 years, lack of communication and poor customer service has increasingly become a problem.

Not Respecting My Time

Don't waste my time! | Words, Quotes, Funny quotes

The last beautician I had when I was still getting relaxers (aka creamy crack) had a lot of clients. She was always busy which meant she was running behind constantly. It was very rare if she wasn’t overflowing with customers or had time to spare. Over the years, she began to take advantage of my kindness and understanding by blatantly disrespecting my time.

Here’s what I mean. While I always made sure I was early for my appointments, she either wasn’t at the shop yet or had five or six people ahead of me. When she wasn’t at the shop, it wasn’t because I was super early. It was always because she was running late. Ten minutes, fifteen, a half hour, to an hour or more late. She never called me to say she was running late. She never left word at the shop that she was on her way. She showed up when she showed up. Not only would she show up late, but she’d stop doing your hair so she could go get food, or someone else would bring her food and she’d take an hour to eat, laugh, and play around with her family members who were always at the shop. Meanwhile, her customers sat and waited under the hooded dryer or in her chair. And we waited and waited and waited. That, (among other egregious things) is what made me go ahead and big chop and start my natural hair journey.

Lack of Communication

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Since getting locs, I’ve encountered locticians who do not communicate well at all. My first loctician was not a forthcoming person. I had to constantly ask and practically drag information out of her. She never told me how my hair looked or how it was doing. I had to constantly ask and she always gave short answers. Mind you she has experience with sisterlocks and traditional locs, she went to school to become a trichologist, and she has all these other certifications when it comes to hair. She advertised and promoted her knowledge and certifications, so I thought she would share her knowledge and expertise with me, her client. No. It became clear early on that all she cared about was my money. She ran her business like a revolving door – she got you in and got you out. And she too was always running behind.

I had the same unfortunate experience with my last loctician. She promoted herself as someone who knows how to care for your locs so that you will have healthy locs and claimed to be knowledgeable in all styles of locs and care. Once again, she wasn’t forthcoming. She said my new growth was breakage because my hair grew outside of the loc and in my parts. I had to explain to her that no, it’s not breakage but simply how my hair grows. My thought process on this is if you’re so experienced with locs of all kinds and you have 20 years of experience under your belt, you mean to tell me that you’ve never encountered someone with locs whose hair grows outside of the loc? If I had breakage I would have lost locs by now, and I’ve only lost one loc on my entire two year loc journey.

A few weeks after my visit with her she announces on Facebook that she’s moving out of state and is not accepting anymore new clients or appointments as of October 1st. She knew she was moving out of state when I first saw her, so why bother wasting my time taking me on as a new client? Okay, her reasons are pretty obvious: I was just a means for her to get more money before she moved. I get it and it is what it is. But to make this announcement on Facebook instead of telling your clients personally was just plain tacky. I could have continued my search for a loctician instead of wasting my time with her – and I actually like her locking methods! She washes my hair first and then soaks up most of the water out of my hair and then starts retying with a crochet needle. It’s gentler on your hair and it’s less tension when you do reties on damp hair. I’ve never experienced that before and I loved it!

This past weekend I went for my last retie with her and, and in her Facebook announcement she promised to give recommendations to all of her clients during their last appointment with her. After she was done with my hair, I asked her what were the names of her recommendations. She paused and said “Welllll…I have this one young lady in mind. Her name is (such and such) and she’s on Facebook but I want to give her a heads up first before I start sending people her way. But stay tuned for my Facebook post because I’ll provide all of that there.”

Say What Now GIFs | Tenor

Excuse me? WHAT?

So you basically lied. You had no recommendations ready for your clients, or you didn’t want to give ME any recommendations. I’m not sure what it was, but her vibe was very off to me. You know how there’s something not quite right about someone, like their aura isn’t quite aligning with yours but you try to roll with it anyway because your relationship with them is new and you want to give them the benefit of the doubt? That’s how I felt about her. In that moment I felt like she left me hanging and she didn’t care. Why would she care when she’s moving away soon? On top of that I was a new client so she really probably didn’t care. Any other time I would have freaked out not knowing who was going to do my hair next. I would have left her shop pissed and started my search right then and there. But I didn’t care. I already had a plan.

Customer Service

The Top 100 Excellent Customer Service Quotes

In all of the examples I gave above, customer service was not the focal point. To me, customer service goes beyond being polite. Communication and customer service go hand in hand. I’m not expecting the people I receive services from to do back flips and cartwheels for me every time I’m in their presence, but I do expect transparency. I expect the “professional” to ask key questions of their client, especially if they are new clients, instead of the client having to ask all the questions. There should be an equal exchange of communication and participation in getting to know what the other expects and needs, and whether or not those expectations are reasonable or can be met.

Frankly, I’m tired of initially being told that someone knows how to do x, y and z only to get you in their chair, but later finding out that they cannot do x, y and z. I’m tired of one-sided communication with those I am paying to care for my hair. But more importantly, I’m tired of encountering horrible customer service. I’ve come across too many people taking advantage of others for the sake of money. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. People have lost jobs and still haven’t received unemployment payments. There’s so much going on. Where is the compassion or care? Why would one think NOW is the time to jack up prices and charge for every possible thing they do to your hair even though just yesterday it was a standard service? It’s wrong on so many levels. On the positive side, I love seeing so many men and women working their side gigs and trying to make money that way.

Taking Charge

Take charge of your life ~ Wellness With Moira

Because of the trend of locticians raising their prices, it’s forcing a lot of women to learn how to self-retie, which to me is a good thing. I find it to be empowering to see so many women taking charge of the care of their hair all while saving money. I’ve decided to join these women by taking charge of the care of my hair. Between myself and my sister-in-law, we’re going to figure this loc thing out. We’re going to take care of my hair and it’s going to continue to grow and thrive. I’m going to give myself the best customer service ever.

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